Coconut Country


The swaying coconut trees are a trademark of Kerala. I don’t think any Malayalee will ever tire of it. Every picture, every post, every vacation memory of “God’s Own Country” will have these magic trees in the background.

Coconut Tree

The coconut tree is famous for quite a few things in Kerala.

The tender coconut makes a refreshing and healthy drink.
The coconut scrapings are used in making delicious chutneys and curries.
The outer covering (husk)of the coconut is used to make coir.
Dried coconut meat(Copra) is used to make coconut oil, which is used in cooking and is also good for applying on the hair for long lustrous black hair that is so common to a typical Keralite girl.

Though Kerala is marred with a whole lot of issues, it’s ethnic beauty will always invite tourists from all over the world. My home is in a place where technology may take some time to reach, but it still maintains the green beauty in it’s old grandeur.

Yet, I surf using hi -speed broadband services which quite suffices my needs for being a part of the world community.

I guess when you shift to a new place, you seem to search for all the good things about the place. But, this place has and always will feel like home to me.

(The pic was taken at dusk, and hence not too clear)


4 thoughts on “Coconut Country

  1. Anil – They seem like that. But I guess if every individual plants at least 2 trees when they tear down one for development, that can help, can't it?What I have seen here are people building homes on lands that were once paddy fields. But how can that be prevented? Don't people have the right to homes? If development gets stopped for the sake of preserving nature, then won't we be left behind others?


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