Eiffel Tower

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What is a trip to Paris worth if you don’t get to see the famous “Eiffel Tower” , up close and personal. Our third trip to the base of the tower was the one that finally got us entry into it.

The first day, the day we landed, we were too tired to climb anything. We even turned down the free entry to walk up the 300 odd steps of the Arc de Triomphe. But that’s an another post altogether.

The Second day, we were shocked to see the serpentine queue that awaited us. We enquired at the information counter, if there was a way we can by pass this queue. We were informed that if we buy tickets online, then we can enter through a special entrance, without standing in the queue. But you need to book at least a day in advance and the tickets are limited too!

We were thankfully able to book the tickets online here that night at the hotel and made it up all the three floors of the Eiffel on the Third Day.

It was an amazing experience. The sights from atop the tower is mesmerizing. They sell champagne in glasses there. It’s a perfect place to propose to your sweetheart. Kissing is a common sight in Paris, so don’t be surprised if you see it in abundance on this tower.

There are restaurants on the first and second floor of the tower, with all the basic and essential necessities, souvenir shops and amenities.

It was a  wonderful experience which will remain in our hearts forever.

We got to see the Eiffel Tower Glitter while we were on a cruise on the Seine River. The Tower glitters every  hour in the evenings. It’s an amazing sight.

(Pictures  taken by my Son and Daughter)


Eiffel Closeup

Under Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower


Eiffel by Night


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  1. The view fr the top of Eiffel Tower must be spectacular:-).Pictures are coool!!!!!p.s: Have been trying to comment on ur Juxtaposition blog. For some reason ur page refuses to post my comments. I beg & plead that I'm reflections from konnotation[dot]blogspot[dot]com but ur blog calls me a fraud and commands me to login with another id. I the epitome of patience & perseverence try & try again & keep getting the same answer;-(. I weep pitiously at the loss of my precious comment & time and leave with a heavy heart.p.p.s: Well ok I exaggerated a bit but u get the jist, right;-DA Solution I came up with: If u cd please include in ur comment section, 'Comment as' with the option of 'Name/url' I'm sure this problem can be solved. Thanks:-)!!!!


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