Feeling Numb


There was a sudden need to wake up,
In deep slumber I was,
It was my daughter’s wedding,
And a beautiful bride she was!

More than the celebration of the joyous day,
I was worried about the future,
I knew she would in capable hands,
But the tension is always there.

A terrible numbness took over my left arm,
It had reached a dying fate,
No blood flew into it for a while,
And hence it was in such a state.

But since then, I am not able to get back to sleep,
What could be the reason for that?
I guess the arm was the last place to reach,
The spread of the numbness in my heart.

(A friend of mine says there is no need to be β€œblue” to be creative. I guess she is right.)

Yesterday I was thinking about the tension that my mom went through during my two elder sisters and my marriages. I can truly understand her fear and her feelings now.


15 thoughts on “Feeling Numb

  1. My BIL is getting mrrd in June & there are some tensions going around. OPhew! I wonder what the girls side must be going thru.Mrrgs are seriously such jobs I tell you!!!


  2. Hello Juxtaposition..Nice little poem..beautifully pennedAnd I'm asked to guess who you are..I think i have the answer in hands..Were you the one who had a blog titled Life just have a meaning and got it deleted recently..? jus a wild guess..


  3. Tomz – Thank you. Bravo! How did u deduce that? :)That's two cases solved Sherlock Holmes ishtyle. :)I am trying to get my readers back! New place, new blog but the old me.:)Jyothi


  4. @Smita – Congrats to your BIL. Yes, marriage is a huge job! And still considered a big responsibility of the parents, in this time and age. πŸ™‚ Sorry I didn't reply earlier…I have no idea why!


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