Life Lessons


I sit with a dream,
Shining in my eyes,
For months together,
Colder than ice,
Life has kept it,
Enclosed in a shell,
Its come out now,
And its time to tell.

A task well completed,
An accomplishment well deserved,
A time for everything,
And everything in its time.
Many reasons for its delay,
Many excuses for its rage,
Life has shifted base,
But nothing else has changed.

I remain my silly old self,
Enjoying life’s simpler things,
Need to follow yet another dream,
All in time, my heart sings.
A passion turned into a desire,
An agony into gain,
Life’s strangest lessons,
Are never learnt in vain!


12 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Well penned thoughts…and yes Lessons learnt never go in vain….BTw thnks for coming at my space, regarding follow there might be some problem with sight at that moment, i have checked, its ok now….Best wishes,irfan.


  2. But isnt Old is gold and nice and simple is what we shud keep life to be.. y complicate it .. But then there are idiots like me who never learn from it and do the same mistake time and again … Bikram's


  3. @A – Thank you for commenting again. I lost quite a few comments from here. Yes, its happening in my life now. :)@Bindu – Yes, in a way it is. True, but some dreams are better off just being dreams. :)@Bikram – Everyone commits the same mistake again and again. That is because we never change, irrespective of the times we have been hurt or have hurt someone. @Ramesh – Thank you buddy. You do realize that this is Jyothi? 🙂


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