Positive Attitude


Baby mosquito came back after 1st time flying.
His dad asked him “How do you feel?”
He replied “It was wonderful, Everyone was clapping for me!”
Now that’s Positive Attitude.

How many of us can pride ourselves as having “Positive Attitude” all the time? I, for one, as per mood, change my stance on this one.

If the car breaks down the first thing in the morning, I generally tend to take it easy and  try and figure  out a way to solve the issue.  What accomplishes this is the freshness of mind. I have had a good night’s sleep and the world doesn’t seem like a bad place at all. I go ahead with my chores albeit with certain restraints and shortfalls. Nevertheless, things that need to be done get done.

If the previous night had been a troubling one, with nightmares waking me up midway, and not letting me go back to sleep for a long while. Ultimately when I do fall asleep, the alarm rings and wakes me up! Waking up early is not a choice ,ever, if you have a busy life. In fact, it’s the first few hours that are crucial to make sure that the rest of the day goes well. So, I get up, reluctantly. Complete the breakfast routine and packing lunches routine and just about make it on time to start the car. It refuses to start up! Now , the series of thoughts and the amount of mental cursing(sometimes verbal too) that follows is obviously not going to be a pleasant one.

Now, a different scenario is when I have had a tiring day and nothing seems to go right. I step into the car to drop the kids off for their extra curricular and the car refuses to start up. What will follow would be an awful experience of anger, frustration, irritation which will ultimately end up as a headache for myself and nobody else.

In all three cases, the jobs get done. With differences, but nonetheless jobs get done.

What would the witnesses of these events think of me as a person? Would I be the one with “Positive attitude”, as in the first case? Or, Would I be of  “Negative attitude”, as in cases two and three.

What does that say about Having a “Positive Attitude”? Is it a constant thing with everyone? Or do I have Serious Behavioral Issues that need to be dealt with clinically?


10 thoughts on “Positive Attitude

  1. I am in very bad mood with negative attitude right now because I could not sleep last night…..It is easier to say “Maintain positive attitude' but hard to do…..


  2. well..the baby mosquito story is really inspiring one and new for me….:))as far as having positive attitude is concerned, i hav an opinion that if one maintain +ve attitude then things become much easier and it comes from inside, naturally.


  3. @A – hope the mood has improved. Right you are!@Kavita – I got this in an email. :)@Bikram – Yes, but it's not possible to have positive attitude all the time! @Irfan – very true. But always?@A S – he he…yeah something like that. 🙂 But life goes ahead anyways!


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