Change of scene


Somebody once told me that I get bored fast. I think the time period mentioned was two months. I start getting restless and tend to start and change a few things.I once had a conversation with a friend of mine. That was about the time when I had just started pulling my hair off my head. I had my hands full with a four year old and a two year old . While chatting with this working woman friend(read, batch-mate from college) of mine, I asked her, “Do you ever feel like just giving up?” She was at that time still planning her pregnancy and having her own set of bad days. She asked, “Have you tried changing the look of your sitting room?”.

I was taken aback by this question. That conversation somehow didn’t continue further. I don’t remember if it was because she went into a meeting or because I ran off to save my two year old from my four year old or my four year old from my two year old or my home from the both of them! But, I did try it out the next day. I changed the setting of the sofas and the the dinning table. After doing so , I made myself a cup of tea and sat down and had a good look at the changes. Yes, indeed, it did work.

There is a certain soothing effect that a few changes can bring. I guess I try and change something or the other every few weeks, just to break the monotonous of everyday life.(Nope, not really, I do it just to keep my sanity intact.)

Have you ever realized that when you are mad about something that you can’t change or something that someone said and you can’t retaliate for various reasons, you always find a scapegoat or a punchbag. And more often than not, it is generally someone who means a lot to you. Yes, that backfires a lot of times. But there are times when the person understands you.

Now when you have a temper like mine, the need for such a person is of high importance. It helps avert a lot of unnecessary heartache and headache and also helps to keep the BP in check.

I can’t change the arrangement of furniture that easily anymore, and then came along a blog. I could do whatever I want to with it and then sit back and enjoy the changes in minutes. It brings about a similar kind of solace.

So, I am sure most of you will tell me that this blogger template is absolutely awesome and also that you totally understand why I come back here to vent myself.


12 thoughts on “Change of scene

  1. Change is fun! We are all entitled to change!! Its our birthright! Now this looks like some speech πŸ˜› I can relate to you; I get bored of things pretty quick; but its nice to change πŸ™‚ Your blog is awesome. But let us know of some changes; like the blog itself?? I was wondering where you got lost; I just started reading you and lo! you were not there; then I figured out πŸ˜€


  2. without changes life becomes monotonous n boring sometimes you know, so change is always good n should always be welcomed for a better cause….and your new blogger template is just awesome and even pushing me to do something for my boring n dull blog template now…..:))best wishes,irfan.


  3. J,Change is usually good. I like your new template. It seems pretty good to me. No need to change it for sometime now. Personally I don't like Live Traffic feed – it gives me inferiority complex that you get so many more visitors than I do. i had sent you an email earlier.


  4. I liked this template.I had written earlier..Blue is my fovorite color.i am feeling uncomfortable with the green on my blog.Being sensitive is a difficult problem in life.I have always hurt those who have loved me.Not intentionally,but they become victims in my crisis. I have learned lessons,but they do not matter any more.Changes are inevitable,but difficult at times.


  5. The below used to happen to me…but not anymore, I learned to control it…Have you ever realized that when you are mad about something that you can't change or something that someone said and you can't retaliate for various reasons, you always find a scapegoat or a punchbag. And more often than not, it is generally someone who means a lot to you.


  6. @Stranger – You know something, I was like that before. But then, when you clam up inside, then it bursts out like a volcano which can prove fatal. I have just recovered from that fatal error. πŸ™‚


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