Life’s Randomness


One after the other,
Cars speed in a definite direction
Life is like that too,
Each waiting our turn.

Into the deep dark death ,
That beckons each soul,
Some in peace,
Some well before their time.

What decides this fate of ours,
Is it part of a bigger plan?
Some need to be eliminated,
And some retained for a cause?

Purpose of life best described,
By the worldly saints and messiahs.
All things happen for a bigger good,
Live each day as though it is blessed.

Some overtake right or wrong,
Some go abiding the rules,
Some a tragic end deserve,
Some just a tragic victim.

Deserving don’t always win,
Winners are not always achievers,
Life’s randomness is a sad thing,
It’s generally not fair to the deservers.


12 thoughts on “Life’s Randomness

  1. @A S – Thank you. :)@Insignia – Thank you. No other choice! Right? :)@A – Thank You. Nope, I wrote this in the car on my way back from Bangalore yesterday night. I guess the dark night and the recklessness on the roads, inspired this one. 🙂


  2. @Balan – True. But I still like to believe that everything happens for a reason. Life becomes unbearable otherwise. 🙂 Thank you.@The Holy Lama – Thank you. :)@Ramesh – Thanks buddy. :)@Viddhi – Thank you for the kind words. Welcome to my space. 🙂


  3. Now I will look at the traffic from a different view point. Thank you!Please note for some reason my earlier attempts to post comments failed. Let's see if this goes thru'.


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