My First…….


Do you remember your firsts?

Your First Best Friend.
Your First Day in college.
Your First Infatuation.
Your First Love.
Your First Kiss…….Etc…


I am not trying to dig into your personal life. I am not going to ask you to answer these either. But would love it if you would! No, seriously, you don’t want to know about mine. Its not going to be spicy at all. So you can wipe that smile off your faces.

I owned an Apple IIc while I was in school. I worked on applications for drawing, word processing and spreadsheets. I can remember only the name of the drawing software called LOGO. I also learnt the basics of coding on that. The BASIC language on a DOS prompt. It was only in college that I encountered the magical WINDOWS.

Today I am typing this post on my new Apple Macbook Pro. This makes me a brand new Mac user. If anyone out there knows a good blog publishing software like “Windows Live writer” for Mac, I would be highly obliged.

From Apple IIc to Apple MacBook Pro, both Apple and me have come a long way.

Although writing this post makes me feel like an antique piece, I am referring only to the early 1990’s.
So, what was your first PC?


11 thoughts on “My First…….

  1. my first PC was a 8086 , yes the ones with 5 1/4 inches floppy disks and NO hard disk.. booted it with DOS.. and the smaller disk had 1.4mb of spece and IT WAS a lot of SPACE then.. now 1TB is less .. Bikram's


  2. J.That is not fair. Starting with human emotions & sentiments and dumping us with technology….what an anticlimax. My first PC was a Windows PC….never had Mac.


  3. @A S – Lucky you! I got one of my own only after graduating. :)@Bikram – A: and B: ….aahh… Those were the days.. πŸ™‚ I programmed 8086 processor in a lab in college. I still get nightmares from those POP IN , POP OUT commands!! Pages long…. And I don't remember even a single command now. @A – He he…. That was the idea! But why am I not getting spicy answers I wonder! πŸ˜€ Mac needs getting used to. Now I am a pro at it! I think. πŸ™‚ My first Windows PC was a 133 with windows 95… πŸ™‚


  4. J,You got spicy answer from me.Mac does not need pros. Mac needs “MONEY”. Rich people buy Mac. Practical people buy Windows PC.


  5. @Tomz – Whoaa…. Now I feel really really old! πŸ™‚ @A – I don't see answers to my fist few questions. Hence NOT spicy. :DOh yeah….I spent quite a few minutes looking for the start menu! I guess I am tired of being Practical! He he


  6. Haa I remember working on a 8086…writing BASIC code when I was in 6th grade. That was my first encounter with the computer. While in college had a Intel P1 I think with Windows XP.I have mostly used Windows and UNIX all my life – never a MAC πŸ˜€


  7. Yes madam, XP was in 2000. I just finished school in 2000. I got to use it in engineering lab and was amazed at it; it was THE one after Windows 95. I finally got my PC during my 6th semester πŸ˜€


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