BOOK : Only Time Will Tell


Jeffrey-Archer-Only-Time-Will-Tell Honest to God , I haven’t till date managed to finish a single Jeffrey Archer Book. The fault is entirely mine, I am sure. I read through the first few chapters of “A Prisoner of Birth” and left it. (Mental Note: Must get back to it asap).

This particular book I had ordered through Flipkart and had been in my possession since April this year. Every time I lay my eyes on the book, I keep telling myself the same thing. Only time will tell when I will be able to read the book.

I picked it up and stuffed it into my travel bag this time and started to read it on board a flight back home. I was hooked on since page one.

I never read reviews of books or movies before I actually read or see them myself. So I wasn’t well informed about the fact that this was the first of a series of three books planned by the author as “The Clifton Chronicles”.

The part one of the series is totally dedicated to the early life of Harry Clifton. The story starts from the night of his conception in Bristol to how he is finally welcomed by the Statue of Liberty in to the United States of America.

An ordinary son of a dockworker( or is he?)  ends up at a prep school meant for the elite. His life of misery and the events that unfold in his life make an interesting read. What makes it more interesting is that the story has been presented with different points of views. Every main character gets to say his/her side of the same story and hence ultimately completing the puzzle.

The blurb states the story summary to perfection. I just turned the last page of this book a few minutes ago and I am still recovering from the abrupt end. The fact that the Clifton Chronicles will continue is the only satisfaction my anxiety is ready to accept.

Will Part Two be as gripping as this part is…. Only time will tell… ( I so wanted to use the last line….. so clichéd … he he)


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