Room for Change


There is room for a change,
In everyone’s life.
There are days when,
Life seems to only change.
How I wish for a normal day.
When things are where they are supposed to stay.

Looking for a stapler,
Takes an hour or two,
Mind you this is a bachelor’s pad,
And its still a maze.
I am leaving this place,
Towards a home with more space.

I entered a bigger home,
With more of space wherever I look.
I have to pack my stuff again,
And stare at boxes everywhere.
Its a house now with much more room,
Its going to take a while to convert it into a home.

I embark on yet another adventure,
To make a home for the family to share.
There are boxes, boxes and boxes more,
Some to pack and some to discard.
Life’s memories are in these boxes too,
Wish me luck as I sort them through.


5 thoughts on “Room for Change

  1. @KP – So true. Removing clutter from mind is the toughest thing to do. :)@NRIGirl – Thank you.@Balan – I am so glad more people feel that way. :)@Insignia – Very true. I am glad you think so too. πŸ™‚


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