A Perfect Tale


Sometimes a heartbeat is all it takes,
For a lifetime of commitment to be made,
Sometimes it takes ages to make a choice,
And even then things do fade.

Life never seems too good to be true,
Well, that is not such a bad thing.
If everything just went your way,
Then life would be just a fling.

For something that lasts a lifetime,
And sometimes a couple more too.
Has nothing to do with planning,
It just happens to you.

At times, we tend to like fate,
At times we despise it with all our might.
But, when it comes to choices to make,
We always fumble as to what is right.

What does it take to make a perfect tale,
Or is there something like that?
Is there no perfect ending to anything?
Just like there is no perfect start!


9 thoughts on “A Perfect Tale

  1. @AS – Thank you. :)@KP – Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sadly indeed. @NRIGirl – I wish I could have at least quarter of your positive attitude towards life. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for being the “smiley” in more ways than one.@A – Thank you. :))))


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