Something Fishy


The other day an old acquaintance (lets call her D) from school days happened to be at a common party. It was not just her that I had met after a long time; there were a few others too at that party. We used to take part in stage shows and our parents used to be active members in an association here. I call her just an acquaintance, because she is a few years younger to me and honestly, I never found her the
friendly type. She had all the arrogance of a rich (?????) spoilt child. Her dad was better off than most of ours and they obviously lived in better homes. But then so did a few others. But she was a different make. Maybe she never learnt to hide her arrogance or her “all of you are below me” approach to us.

She used to be more active after I shifted my attention to my studies and exams in senior school and college. I heard she and her sister used to do really well at compering shows too. Her sister was a prettier thing and was better educated ultimately. D was always on the heavier side but had a prettier face. Prettier and more ruthless.

Over the years, rumours were going around and I did happen to hear a few stories about her( D’s) life too. There was something wrong in her married life. I never believed any of those rumours. But it did make me
curious. Whenever I have come to meet D in the past 8 years or so after her marriage, I have always seen her attend the function with her parents and her son and not her husband. He was away on work was always the story. I knew this could be true, because I have a vagabond husband too. It’s another thing that I
never attend any such functions in his absence. So I assumed the rumors were because of that fact.  After all, we do still live in a narrow-minded society, especially if you have a lot of the older generation present at such parties.

Even that day she didn’t seem any less arrogant. Fate had it that we ended up on the same table. Loads of make up and head held high with an attitude of an upper class. All she lacked was a Chihuahua on her lap. Her son was in the seat beside her with the latest PSP in hand trying to catch up with my nephew and son who were also on their PSPs. Kids have no malice, so the boy genuinely wanted to play with other kids. But D had a “stay away from them” attitude on her face.

For the lack of a better topic of discussion, I asked her at this party too about her husband. I asked her if her husband had come along, as I hadn’t met him till date. The smile/ arrogance just disappeared from her face and she had an embarrassed expression on. She just said “NO”. I would have left it at that, if S, sitting next to me, hadn’t updated me after D took off in a hurry from our table.

As the story unfolded in front of me, I wasn’t sure if I felt any sadness for her fate.  S is a reliable source and has had closer contact with D’s family over the years. It seems D’s husband left his job to start a business along with a one of his friends. The business took off surprisingly well. Their whole
life style changed overnight. They bought a villa here and gave the landscaping project of the same to one of the uncles from the old association. Her dad intervened, and advised her not to spend so much on extravagances and to let the business see a few good years before she splurges away the income. Not
only she did not listen to him, she told him flat on his face that he was jealous of her success.

A few months into the business, and a few loans and payments due, D’s husband’s friend took off with the money. No trace of him anywhere. The business collapsed. D’s husband was put in jail for not being able to pay anyone back and was still serving his sentence there at that point in time.

The last I heard, she is planning to divorce the husband, because she or parents don’t have the cash to help him out, and they don’t want him to be a liability on them.

I haven’t asked anyone the final outcome of all this. And I don’t think I want to know either.

Am I wrong in thinking that in some way she deserved what she got? All I was thinking is that her son didn’t deserve it at all!


17 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. hiiu know, all my kindheartedness disappear for such arrogant people. If you (m talking abt her) are going through a rough path, you should be even more down to earth. I had had a few arrogant girls in my class too but the funny part was that they were not even rich, still behaved as if they owned the entire city..and this made everyone avoid them like plague because they were not able to 'connect' with us and other people in a normal way.I think that's what she deserves and what sort of a lady is she? She is leaving her husband in the time of adversity when what one requires the most is the support of his wife…shame on her.and pity on her son


  2. @AS – Yes, I have known a few of those too.@Rachna – Welcome here. 🙂 Yes, very true. My dad used to say, “Always cut the coat according to cloth”. @Irfan – Thats what even I thought. But its her life, what can we judge. Maybe, just maybe there is more to the story.


  3. Its ok to think that she deserved what she got but .. Asking for a divorce what evr happened to the oath till death do us apart , So when the husband is in some problem they all plan to leave him WOW.. and THATS why i say she deserved it .. when the money was coming she had no qualms splurging the money did she not think that it was the husbands money.. That is so wrong a materialstic person … Well I am sure the husband is better off without her then, he will do the term and come out and ca nstart his life all over again and this time god willing he will get a better partner … Bikram's


  4. To me it seems like a sad story and it could happen to anyone. I feel sorry for her. About she got what she deserved…the fact she filed for divorce means there is more to story. There are several holes in the story:-1. He is put behind bars because his partner ran away..that makes no sense.2. Divorce because someone cheated her husband and business crashed. I don't think people are so selfish…I think there is more to story. May be there is something you don't know.


  5. @Bikram – The laws in the UAE are crazy, so I have no idea when he will come out or if he ever will! This incident happened somewhere in Feb, and the husband was in jail for more than year before that. No news since then. Though I am curious, I can't pick up the phone and call S and ask for the update, because I don't think that would be right on my part.@Radha – I am sure there are many people like that everywhere. 🙂 I think what I was trying to convey is that people who walk with their nose held up high ultimately fall down and break those very noses. @A – This can happen to anyone, but it doesn't happen to everyone. Business people start companies on loans. If the company's income is stolen and partner missing, how will the husband pay back loans? There were a few returned cheques too. The laws here are quite rigid. After 4 returned cheques, anyone can end up in jail. This information is not complete, I know , but this is the gist of the issue. Some people are selfish. And I was speaking only about her deserving it, not the husband or the child. It's obviously a sad story. But it happens too often here. Regarding the divorce, I am not sure about the exact reasons and I am not even sure if she went thru with it. From a father's point of view, his daughter's and grandson's future is more important than anything else. The debts were so high that even the rich dad could not save her husband. I don't know exact details obviously, as I am not reporting a case, I am just saying that I think she deserved it, and wondering if I am wrong in thinking so. “jaisi karni, waisi bharni”.


  6. Personally I think you are wrong when you say 'She deserved it'. Well being arrogance is not a crime. Some people think I am arrogant and not so nice.


  7. @A – Arrogance isn't a crime, else she would be in jail now. 🙂 I think we have different definitions of arrogance then. I refer to her belittling everyone around her as arrogance. Knowingly hurting others feelings. Such things boomerang. 🙂


  8. A sorry situation for the son. Agree with you, not all rich are spoilt and not all spoilt are rich. Arrogance to the extend of hurting others willingly, cannot but boomerang of course!


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