And the trumpet blows again


It’s been ages since I gave personal updates on my blogs. I mean not the shifting kind, or the mushy poetry kind. I mean the real day-to-day event updates. My small stint in Kerala has made me a wiser person in many ways. I have learnt to appreciate the simpler things in life. There is nothing like the joy of sitting in a car and ordering the hubby to take me for the latest movie playing in town, without giving it a second thought! Total Bliss!

There is something else I missed. I missed the people I meet here. Not the people I meet on a regular basis, but the total strangers who end up bringing a smile on your face, or make you wonder from which part of the world they are from.

The trouble with me is that I have lived out of India for most part of my life. Dubai is a multicultural society. I was introduced to a lot of different cultures from all around India in my classroom itself. There were Bengalis, Gujaratis, Punjabis, Tamilians, Asaamese , Kashmiris and a lot

Even though I never appreciated the opportunity to get first hand knowledge of people from different parts of India back then, it was definitely an education on its own. The years in college were no different. I
studied in Karnataka, the mix there was good too. Over the years that followed my marriage, when I was back in here in Dubai, I was exposed to people from different countries as well. Whether it was the jobs that I took up or the clinics and hospitals I visited. Or even the beauty parlours that I sometimes
(ahem???) visit.  There are people with different nationalities, totally different looking and a totally different language. But yet, I always felt at home.

Yesterday, two very interesting things happened to me. I have been having toothache for a few days now, so I went to visit my dentist(a fellow Malayali). He did all his normal check by hitting my teeth with
instruments and checking whether I am squirming with pain yet! But my teeth were all fine. Not perfectly fine, but they are not the troublemakers this time. He then checked my gums, which were perfectly fine too. After that he checked the muscles under my cheek and in no time I was crying with pain. The bugger
did the same thing again, to confirm that I was in pain! He is lucky his eyes smile like an angel from over his mask! I would have strangled him otherwise!

He asks me through his mask itself , “So, J (Yeah, he knows the hubby) is giving you a lot of stress , eh?” . I stared back at him, not getting his point. Then I traced back a few seconds and remembered the words he spoke before that. (Remember I was in pain and killing the guy in my mind too). He had said, “This is a muscle pull and is generally caused due to stress or lack of sleep.” I smiled too at his insinuation. Little does he know I shifted back forth two countries in less than six months. That cannot exactly be stress free!

I get this headache when I have too much dried skin on my feet, so I go in for a pedicure when it happens. So I went into the parlor in the same building where I have shifted to a few days ago for the first time. The parlour was new too.  The owner herself was doing all the work till the business catches on. Within minutes I knew she was good at her job. She had been doing this for over 11 years now. Still the
warmth and the lovely smile that this Pakistani woman showered me with was amazing. In between this, she asked me if I was from Sind. To which I politely replied, “No, I am from Kerala, India”(Hindi /Urdu conversation). This made me think about the profiling that people do in their mind about different communities. She didn’t let the sudden surprise last on her face long enough. She was after all a professional. And business is all about saying the things that the customer wants to hear. An old friend of mine walked in there too at that moment. So that conversation luckily ended there.

As I was saying, Dubai is a multicultural society. Here different nationalities meet up and start making profiles of the differences between us. I have just been profiled as an exception to a rule. I
wonder why?


7 thoughts on “And the trumpet blows again

  1. Never heard stress causing toothache or muscle around tooth but now I know it. Incidentally I also went to dentist yesterday for regular check up and as usual he found something for me to go back..are not they good at it? Docs cannot cure stress. Friends can. So you need to leave more comments on my blog posts…:))))))


  2. @KP – He he… Thats exactly what it is and what its meant to do.@Bikram – Its better now. I am medication for a few days. :)@NRIGirl – The kids are so busy these days, I hardly get to do any masti with them. They willingly shifted from CBSE to ISCE board and are struggling to catch the missed work of the previous term. 🙂 @A – Yeah, I am leaving comments! You don't seem to reply! He he..


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