Abu Dhabi Memories


There are days when living in the past is all I can do and there is generally no warning when such an attack is about to strike. Well , it happened this weekend again. I am kinda still in that nostalgic mood as I write this. When we use the world “Nostalgia” ,  we tend to go back to our college days. That’s when most interesting things happen.  Most probably it’s because that’s where we discover who we really are and where exactly we want to go in life. But in my case, that happened in the years that followed college life. And that’s why Abu Dhabi will remain as a bitter sweet memory in my life.

That’s where I spent those years and those were also the initial years of my marriage.The story of how a freshly turned Engineer and wife had to make a few life changing decisions.But decisions that didn’t come with a whole lot of options. It’s nothing great, it’s just the story of every woman who has the tough choice between family and career. I had a family even before I could start my career and the weighing of priorities started at the tender age of 22.

Yesterday,we took a drive down through the  same memory lane, where my children were born,  where they learnt to walk and where they spoke their first words.But yeah since I can’t put up pictures of those years (all pics are safely stored back home in India), I am going to put up a few pics of the drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi that I clicked from my phone yesterday.

Start of our Journey… Racing the Metro …. Ignore the hand and hair.. 🙂
One of the many Metro stations.
Desert Areas that are seen only in between the different Emirates.  🙂
The Highway
Abu Dhabi City is much smaller than Dubai.
Another building gives way for newer sky scrappers. 😦
Abu Dhabi Traffic will never improve! If metro comes here, most rails would have to be underground. 🙂
This is the condition even on a Saturday Evening (Friday- Saturday is weekend in the UAE).
These shops are attached to Petrol Pumps. Aptly named, don’t you think?

Enjoy these while I revel (????) in my past and please pray that I come back to the present
soon, where memories are still (thankfully) waiting to be made.


11 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi Memories

  1. Not sure if the previous comment came .. These are beautiful pictures I would love to drive in dubai .. its such a beautiful place .. I rememebr our flight got changed to another place as there was fog in dubai .. we were shuttled in a bus to dubai , hours drive I think .. lovely views it had Bikram's


  2. @KP – That was the idea. I am glad you liked them. 🙂 @A – I am thinking I am back to clicking again. Hadn't done it in a while. :)@Bikram – Yes, there have been problems with my comment section since yesterday. I am not sure why. the only thing i added was the shelfari widget! You must have landed at Abu Dhabi Airport and then transferred to Dubai. Its a lovely ride. @NRIGirl – You are welcome. :)@Balan – Thank you. 🙂 It has a 5MP camera and takes good pictures when the light is right. 😉 And these are taken from a moving car. 😀 @Reflections – I hope you can comment now. 😀


  3. @Smita – that pic scares me. 🙂 @AS – thank you. No such restriction in UAE and most Arab countries. Except maybe Saudi. 🙂 Driving here is a wonderful experience especially in such highways. 🙂


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