Daughter’s Poem


Its a weekend here, and my kids are busy doing their assignments. My Daughter S came to me with an English assignment. She needed to write a poem with the idioms that she has learnt recently. There are pages full of these idioms in her textbook and she put them in front of me and said, “You are the writer(???) in the family, write for me!”. After being convinced that I am not the one who needs to learn the language, and with a little encouragement from the hubby, she sat down to go through the idioms and write a poem. This is her draft, I thought I must post it here.

As the waves beat against the shore,
You hear their thunderous roar,
The waters all stretched out,
And have a longer way to go.
As the waves go high and low,
You feel the emotions soar,
Over and over the sands,
Round and round their core,
Yet all in all I see are the waves,
That beat against the shore.

P.S Β : All this happened in less than 30 minutes.


14 thoughts on “Daughter’s Poem

  1. HiMr.Parthasarathi led me to this blog and I am glad he did it.Your daughter has a wonderful talent in her. Your encouragement and motivation is sure to take her to heights.Kudos to the kidLakshmi


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