Congratulations and Celebrations


Congratulations and Celebrations ……  I baked.

Yeah Yeah… I know its no big deal. EVERYONE bakes. But you see this is my space and I get to brag here.

I have thrown out two boxes of Betty Crocker’s Cake mixes that passed the expiry date. That’s how lazy I am!

My daughter fell in love with its taste at my friends dinner get together. She has been pestering me to finally bake it. So I bought a fresh pack recently. And today I forced myself to bake it. And believe me , it is the easiest thing I have ever made in the Kitchen. And it tastes yummy. I think the one we tasted at my friend’s place had the chocolate cream too in the box. This one didn’t. But I am sure this will taste perfect as brownies with Vanilla or Butterscotch Ice creams.

Do you know that Chocolate is therapeutic? Yeah, I am pretty sure somebody has researched that!

Its the first time I am using this Oven! :)

Its the first time I am using this Oven! 🙂

My heart rose along with the cake.

My heart rose along with the cake.

Yippeee..... I baked a Cake...

Yippeee….. I baked a Cake…

P. S : Next Time, I am making the mix myself. Never thought Baking can bring so much joy!



14 thoughts on “Congratulations and Celebrations

  1. Dear Friend, A Pleasant Evening!I join your happiness! Hearty Congrats! A great start! Best Of luck!Children say it all!Yummy cake!Photos are so tempting! Sasneham, Anu


  2. Congratulations!I keep trying new cake recipes and keep congratulating my self just like you. I bake only eggless cakes and also not with maida or condensed milk, but with whole wheat flour, and olive oil and honey, they come out great. Lately I have found this site where the lady blogs about healthy recipes, and it really tastes good.Happy Baking!


  3. Thank you. Please do send me the link. I am looking for pasta bake recipes too. If you have any please do forward those too. 🙂


  4. Hi, I CAN'T bake.. do you know why? It is because I just CAN'T follow instructions mentioned in a recipe. I always tweak instructions! Now you know you can' t bake if you dont measure correctly etc etc etc….!!!! So there!! I could not even get a ready mix right!!! Anyway, my husband bakes very very well. So our daughter has no complaintsBestMeera


  5. WOW! A husband who bakes. Lucky you. 🙂 I have a brand new measuring cup. Guess what, even maggi tastes better if we measure the water correctly. I discovered this today. 🙂 I have the same issue with measurements. The best is when you have to weigh stuff! I trust the packets…… but making the mix is going to be an issue without a weighing scale, I think!


  6. The cake looks yummy but then Betty crocker recipes never let us down:-). Try it with some vanilla icecream[lightly melted in the microwave]….its yummilicious 😀


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