Jagjit Singh and Me


I used to sing. No, I really used to. At all parties and family gatherings. I am known among my friends from yonder years as a sort of a singer.

There were three songs that I used to sing quite frequently while I was growing up. In fact, on request I have had to sing this particular one a couple of times at the same party. Don’t ask me why, but that used to happen.

I am linking this third song that reached my singing list. And though we lost Jagjitji a few hours ago, I refuse to feel sad about it. I am not ready to lose that part of my childhood yet.

Jagjitji will remain immortal through his voice and his contributions to Indian Music.


12 thoughts on “Jagjit Singh and Me

  1. WOW! ON stage. WOuld love to hear you some day. 🙂 And I love that song. And its so meaning….. Kya gham hai jisko chupa rahe ho….


  2. Aha so u sing *Nancy files this info away into the fold of her mind to be taken when oppurtunity presents itself;-D*This one is one of my fav songs.Which were the other 2 songs onthe list?????p.s: LOL@ 'I used to sing. No, I really used to.'…..;-D Which were the


  3. 🙂 I think I am going to regret mentioning that I sing. 🙂 When I was in grade 4/5/6 i used to sing “Albela Mausam” from the movie “Tohfa” very often in the classroom. After that till , in school, it was “Shabnam ka ek Khatra” from the film “Sharara”. Since anyway I am boasting about my singing list, there were two more added later on. “Kahin Door Jab Dil Dhal Jaaye” from “Anand” and “Tu mile” from “Criminal”. 😀


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