Problems Hi Problems


Life sometimes hands you………  Naah….. I don’t want to dump my sorrows here.

Err… But if you insist, I will tell you.

I am not exactly at a happy place right now. I threw my back trying to help my son to the toilet. Just in case you are wondering why I need to help my 14 yr old with this, I’ll tell you.  He had gone for an over night camp at school yesterday, but even before the sunset he got kicked by another student on the knee during football hour. That was around 6:00 pm. After a series of happenings we reached home at 10:00 pm with his right leg in full plaster. He has a ligament injury and is on bed rest for the next week.

He can’t move without my help, but at this moment he is playing some shooting game on his laptop. That shooting kind of gives me relaxation. Why, you ask? Well, I am imagining that I am shooting the hubby. Who is at present having dinner with the elite or playing golf somewhere in Texas. He says he is on a business trip. He has been gone for a week and will be back only after a week. So I am finding solace in shooting him with imaginary bullets, till he gets here.

And yeah, this site has been giving me Database Errors too. So if you weren’t able to access this yesterday, or are having trouble visiting today, please keep coming back again and again and again. I have no idea what is wrong, and I don’t think I am in any state to sit and figure it out.

OK. I feel a lot better now. If you don’t see me around, please assume that I have managed to get some rest. In all probability, it will be a bed rest too. Rest is a rest is a rest is a rest no?

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17 thoughts on “Problems Hi Problems

  1. Enjoy the break fro your husband, instead of trying to shoot him. Your son is bed ridden, so what do something simple and you too relax and enjoy some rest.I always enjoy my time without my husband, not that he ever a nuisance still being alone , or only with children should be enjoyed thoroughly, with lots of junk food throw in, sleeping late and getting late too, and doing all the fun things one can do despite the situation.Your son would be fine in no time, and days are just flying, so before you realize your hubby would be home, making him a real Kabab me hadi. Just jokig.


  2. oh ho.. this is bad .. in december last .. it had snowed bad and i had a fall and hurt my back so i know how bad it can get .. You take care and dont overstress.. Both of you get well soon.. and the young man will be fine .. in no time 🙂 Bikram's


  3. Very Very true. We had pizzas and pasta for lunch. Sister/BIL had brought us breakfast. And Son is already running with his crutches. Well, not bad for Day 1. 🙂


  4. Oh! I hope it was not too serious. The young man is in full spirits today. Enjoying the crutches and enjoying the “doing nothing”. I wonder how day 2 will be! 🙂


  5. Oh. Motherly duties takes priority.Sad to know about your son :)) He will recover fast.Tell this to him, “People who fall know how to rise and fight”


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