The Heart Desires


When the heart desires something ,
Something that it can’t have.
Sometimes its better to let it cry.

Sometimes, it’s that very same desire,
That can mean more than anything else,
No harm in giving it a try.

It’s not everyday that we get,
A chance to be ourselves,
So lets give it our best shot.

To show the world,
What we can do,
And what is it that we have got.

If people like what they see,
For what we really are,
They will also understand the reason.

It’s just not in our taste,
Or even fair to any heart,
To change according to season.



14 thoughts on “The Heart Desires

  1. Let the heart desire all it wants, let their be no limit to its desires, for we don't have to pay for desiring so why stop, keep on desiring.


  2. Welcome here Harman. Well, what we r really and truly inside doesn't usually change. It's the acts that we put on that changes with season. But then again I rhyme without reason. 😀


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