Buzzing Bee – Daughter’s Creation


The Poem was to have the following characteristics as per her assignment:

1. Imagery
2. Rhyme Scheme
3. Humour
4. Onomatopoeia

The sweet smells of rose and jasmine,
Wake me up to tell their story,
Every dewdrop, and every flower
Smiling in all their glory,
Once buzzed a bee,
On their friend Daisy,
It choked on a dewdrop,
Thinking it was honey.

Jyothi’s Daughter S                           Food                 &                 Travel


22 thoughts on “Buzzing Bee – Daughter’s Creation

  1. Lovely poem. What beautifully written, especially the first line, I wish I wake up everyday to the sweet smells of jasmine and roses…Came from Renu jis blog.Have a nice day.


  2. Very nice poem. I told this to NRIGirl yesterday but I have to tell to you also “your daughter writes better than you”. …of course in turn better than me too…


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