BOOK : Vision In White


Vision in White

You can’t bottle wish fulfillment, but Nora Roberts certainly knows how to put it on page~~~ THE NEW YORK TIMES

Says the blurb of this book. If you are new to Nora Roberts books, I think this would be the best one to start off with.

The story revolves around Mac (Mackensie Elloit ) and her three girl friends. As children the four loved to role-play “weddings”. It was their favourite game. This passion somehow gets turned into a profession as the girls grew into women. They together start up VOWS, a wedding planning company, with each adorning a vital role. Mac’s role was that of a photographer.

The book goes on to explain how Mac got into photography and how the initial gift of a camera from her rather absentee father would change her life entirely. Mac’s parents are divorced and have remarried many times over. The instability in her life makes her fall highly on the friendship between the four women as the only stable thing in her life. With the experiences that she witnessed at a young age, she had become wary of marriage.

Until the day she meets Carter. Carter Maguire is an English Professor in the same college that Mac and Carter used to go to earlier for a brief period. Carter, being the nerdy kind, was never noticed. But he had developed a crush on Mac even back then. Later, when VOWS gets to plan Carter’s sister’s wedding, they meet again.

A steamy romantic relationship fires up between them. Carter is from an extremely stable family with two sisters, mom and dad. He knows he loves Mac and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. It takes Mac much longer to accept the fact that she loves him too.

It’s not an extremely rare kind of story. Nora Roberts pens words that can bring forth a vivid imagination of the situation and it makes us feel as though we are a part of Mac’s life.

As with her dreams trilogy, which was a book on the lives of each of its main characters, this quartet, I assume will be about the four friends’ individual lives. I have read Mac’s version. I am yet to read Emma’s, Parker’s and Laurel’s version of the story of their lives. One picks up from where the other one has left the story.

I give it a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Please keep away from children below 15.


15 thoughts on “BOOK : Vision In White

  1. This must be an interesting read…and the book cover is very neat…I could see my feet in that dainty photo…:)You were asking in your comment in my last post why the highlighted words…it is to emphasized the word prompts…:)Thanks for your visit Jyoti…am happy you are reading me…I will be a regular in your blog too..:)


  2. I like Nora Roberts too:-).Did u buy this book or are u a member of a library??? If theres something lacking in Dubai its libraries 😦


  3. I took these from the Library. I shifted all my books back to India this year, and I don't plan to buy any new ones! They take too much space. :)They have an option where you can buy new ones, and they take it back at half price too. 🙂


  4. And yeah, just to brag here, the hubby is compensating his absence from this scene, with a Kindle. Today I am a proud owner of one, but I will get it in my hand only on Saturday. 🙂 Boy do I feel like a spoilt wife!


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