And now it begins


It’s not really the incident that effects people’s lives. It’s always its aftermath. For instance, if a child refuses to study during his free time at home, the aftermath would generally be failed grades. The fact that the child did not study is secondary to the fact that it failed the tests. That’s what the child remembers. And like a link back the incident too comes back into memory.

As you may know, we shifted back to Dubai this September and the kids joined a different Board of Education. Thankfully still Indian, but even then a different curriculum. Since they missed Term I (from April to July), they have been struggling to make it up.

Since the incident with his injured knee, my son refuses to open up his books. Now he has a weeklong back log to add to the term lessons that he missed. Isn’t he supposed to worry about that? Apparently no! His class teacher gave me a number to contact and collect notes for him so that he can complete them over the weekend. Looks like our weekend (Fri/Sat) is well planned already!

So I guess what I am trying to say is that, the son is back on his feet again. But since he is still a bit wobbly while he walks, he is at home today too. The plaster is off. He finally had a complete refreshing bath yesterday and is sound asleep now. Little does he know that as soon as he wakes up, I am going to confine him to his room with only his books for company for the rest of the weekend!

I know I am the devil, but what am I supposed to do? I would rather he not have an aftermath to this incident. I think the incident too is an aftermath of not being careful while defending the football. Defending life and body parts should be much more important than a stupid ball!

Sigh! For once I am not looking forward to a weekend.

An Addition: My windows to the world. 

My Windows to the World....

My Windows to the World....


12 thoughts on “And now it begins

  1. Accidents happen despite the best care and in kids it is more.Don't blame the football or your kid.You seem a great mom with a tinge of devil.Sit with him and make the revision and homework a pleasurable diversion than an imposition.


  2. I never knew such a lovely Jyothi can be such a strict Teacher Mom!! Now, give him the weekend off, you too enjoy! Come Monday he will be afresh to work on the missed assignments… what say?


  3. Sigh… He is in Grade 9! Do you really want to flash back to when we were in grade 9 and how we slogged! But yeah, I have to try and enjoy a bit, or the daughter will sulk. 😦


  4. Oh come on. How old is your son? 5% less marks would not make any difference to his career. In fact even 50% less score would not make a difference.Let him relax and enjoy. We have started spoiling childhood of children.I always scored A+ but that part did not really help. Most people I know who barely passed are doing much better with life – financially and otherwise.


  5. Oh Dear! You have been writing a lot huh! I am so neck deep in work; didnt find time to catch up on blogs. Yeah, accident was unfortunate but help him cope up; I am sure you doing that already :)Your new additions makes me jealous 🙂


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