A Weekend


Weekends are for dining out and shopping. Or better yet to catch the latest releases in the theatre. That’s what has been taught to these kids. I must say the parents haven’t taught them the value of just spending quality time at home with family absolutely doing nothing over the weekend.

The two spoilt kids demand to luncheon out. Since they also had shopping to do, they coupled the two together and ended up at a restaurant that serves lovely Malabar meals. The platter is served on Banana Leaves on individual trays. Its loved here by bachelors and families alike.

Their mother was apprehensive about taking them out alone to that place. Especially since, a few minutes before that, a shopkeeper had enquired where the hubby was. She felt ackward at the question, as she was not used to being asked that. She had gone in to buy herself a salwar suit so that she can show off during the upcoming PTA meeting.

Just as she suspected, when she entered the restaurant, everyone was staring at her. Its not that she never gets stared at. But this, she felt ,was different. She was not able to read the expressions on the faces she managed to stare back at. She sat down with both her kids in the seats in front of her. Even after giving the order and settling down, she noticed that people were still staring at her. She couldn’t keep it to her self anymore.

“I told you we shouldn’t have come out to lunch without Acha (dad in Malayalam). See Everyone is staring at me. I just wonder what all thoughts must be running in their heads!”

The kids smiled in response. Which only triggered her to say more,

“You think this is funny? People are shamelessly staring at me. And please don’t say that its because I look fab today! I know that I don’t!”

The kids laughed at this and said,

“Mom you look like Rudolph the Reindeer!”


“Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose…..”

She couldn’t help but laugh along with them. She had forgotten that she had a zit right on the tip of her nose. It didn’t hurt her, so she was oblivious of its presence.

I came to know from reliable sources that if you have zits on your cheeks , it means that you love somebody. And if you have zit on your nose, that means someone loves you. Now I wonder who is foolish enough to love this crazy woman. And crazy she is, in every sense of the word!

Fact or Fiction?


20 thoughts on “A Weekend

  1. Control over body fat is limited. Looking at mirror is easy. I don't know any female who does not look at mirror before leaving the house.And then she looks at the rear view mirror in the car. Fiction


  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Lets just say, hypothetically , that I was so preoccupied that I forgot about its existence. Besides, I had no choice, I had to go out, the hubby is still somewhere in Texas!


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