I made these for the first time


I made these for the first time. I really really really really made these. I am surprised too! 😀

The hubby hasn’t still got back from his official trip. So the kids are kind of moody today. The school has given them a Diwali holiday, and I am trying to entertain them as best I can. They helped me make these. 😀

Over the years, during Diwali, we always got or bought sweets. Since the kids have grown up and I am not working anymore, I had no excuse left. And these are the results.

Boondi Ladoo

Boondi Ladoo



If you are interested in the recipes of these please click Unniappam or Boondi Ladoo

I cut my finger ,the first thing in the morning today. I don’t remember exactly how. I just remember a broken ceramic teacup , a deep cut and a lot of blood.

Diwali could have been better. But it wasn’t all that bad either. How was yours?

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14 thoughts on “I made these for the first time

  1. Belated Diwali wishes, laddooos & unniappams…..look totally yummy!!!!My kids have been after my life to make laddoos but I dont feel confident enoff…and honeslty from wht I know i'm sure its a 'konashtt parupaadi' :-PBut I made badam katlee and Blackberry Sorbet and both turned out scrumptious :-D. Everybody is asking me 'u r christian how come…' and I'm like I'm Indian rememeber 😛


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