Ingredients:Rice Powder – 2 cups
All purpose Flour (Maida) – 1 cup
Jaggery – 2 lumps / ¾ cup
Water – 2 Cups
Banana – Ripe made into a paste


1. Take some boiled water in a bowl.

2. Add jaggery and mix it in till it melts.

3. In another bowl, sieve and mix together rice powder and maid.

4. Add in the melted jaggery to the mix.

5. When the batter cools, add banana to it.

6. Add in more water if required to make into a thick pouring consistency.

7. Keep this batter for 4-5 hrs.

8. Take the appm dish (paniyaram dish) and add oil to each hole.

9. When it boils, pour in the mix into these holes.

10. Turn over, till both sides are equally done.

11. Remove the unniappams from the holes with fork or skewer sticks.

12. Drain on to paper towels.

13. Serve Hot.

4 thoughts on “Unniappam

  1. The unniappams look good:-)!!!My technique is almost the same; I add some rava too & ya dont keep it for too long max 2 hrs, thts it. And I add some of those black seeds, forget wht they r called;-P


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