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One of the most important things that blogging has taught me, is that people everywhere are quite the same. Fundamentally, that is. Whether it is a female blogger or a male blogger, the reasons behind blogging and the processes are very much similar.

It’s when a person has so much to say and not enough audience that he/she turns to blogging. The people around them may love them to bits. But they just need people other than those to comment and understand them. Yes, the basic need of a blogger is to be understood.

Men generally tend to discuss social, economic, political issues. Sometimes imaginary stories are woven and sometimes anecdotes with colleagues and friends are shared. Other’s experiences are generally what you will find in these blogs. Rarely will you be able to find out anything about the personal life of the blogger until and unless it is explicitly mentioned in his profile or if you are friends with him on a personal level. And I am not talking about which industry they work in or which in which country they reside.

Women generally tend to express a lot more of their personal side on the blog. Even if the topics are socio, economic or political issues, it’s always about the first hand experience or personal thoughts. They put it in a safe way so as not to create a situation to receive brickbats. The reason why these women hate brickbats, at least I think so, is because it affects them in more ways than one. They are the more sensitive gender and find it hard to relax until the issue has settled down. She carries the burden of the entire house/world/family/work on her shoulder. She needs a balancing act. And an added arena for fight is totally unneeded for her. Her blog is her breath of fresh air. No room in it for anything else.

I blog because I love the idea of my thoughts being displayed on a screen, and I love it when people comment on them. Its more personal than most blogs I have visited. But then again, that’s how I am. I am a Compulsive Personal Blogger (CPB). It’s just a need to write and express and show off. Its small things like these that make or break a day. And life is just that, a day after a day and waiting for another day to come tomorrow. And the brickbats, two teenagers and a Taurean husband can do wonders on that front.

Why do you blog? Are you a CPB too?


26 thoughts on “Compulsive Personal Blogger

  1. yes, you've put it down so well! Why we blog?! But each to his/her own I guess. But it is always interesting reading, getting to know the other's point of view and their experiences, which might move us or change us too. About myself yes more or less a Personal Blogger, but not entirely I would think. Like to have some very objective posts too! 🙂


  2. Now, I have to get an analusis done on why i blog :). I started a blog because I liked writing and wanted to improve my writing skills. But, now I think there is much more to it. I really love comments from people. especially, from people whom you dont know on a personal level. Also, it gives me a sense of significance as to when people read what I write. You gave a very thoughtfukl insight.


  3. You are right. I blog to express ideas that friends in real life may not want to discuss. It is probably boring for them.People who like to READ and write blog. That is my conclusion. Mostly intellectual type.I don't know if you are right about woman and man. I think both genders are equally sensitive. Some show and some don't show.


  4. CPB an apt term.I started to blog with a purpose to create little awareness about NE Region of India.I never knew that this platform would also give me wonderful friends like you 🙂


  5. We are on the same page Jyothi!Here's an extract from my post To Blog or Not to Blog – which I had written a while ago…I love my blog! I am thrilled to be a blogger. Blogging gives me a sense of belonging in the cyber space. Blogging gives me the same satisfaction I might have got from writing a book. May be even better than a book as it is a living document – I can blog about anything, anytime, anywhere as life unfolds… It is so liberating. It feels like I am breathing fresh sweet air. And it is FREE!


  6. Hello.I love to write, but working full-time, I don't get to dedicate time to my writing as I would like. I started blogging & sharing my poetry on the advice of a dear friend who said my words were so beautiful that they should not. Prior to this, only a few close friends & family were ever privileged to read my poetry. Since starting my blog, I've joined & participate in several communities. I love the feedback & have developed some real friendships with people I've never “met”. I wouldn't say I'm a CPB (love that term), but I do enjoy visiting & reading other blogs when time permits.Lovely post!Thanks for sharing & for your visits/comments. They are truly appreciated.The Beautiful Winds Of India


  7. Sorry…I wanted to say in my comment above “I started blogging & sharing my poetry on the advice of a dear friend who said my words were so beautiful that they should not be hidden.”


  8. I blog because i like to express my feelings, share my travel experiences, my photos, and my anecdotes. I also like comments just like all bloggers do. It is good to know that people come and spend some time reading my blogs and also commenting on them. I also visit others, and interact with them.I like the idea of making real good friends in the blogging world.


  9. i started blogging to share the thoughts developing into my mind after some observation around me and they are sometime social or political or even personal too…..and i think that i am a CPB too bocz occasionally i do write personal things n even if its social or political then they somehow do relate with our personal life….


  10. Lovely post! In a sense, you have written aptly how a male or a female bblogger feels. Of course, it is a generalization, but in a general sense, it is true. Oh yes, when I started blogging, I did not realize that I would actually find so many likeminded people and friends among bloggers. So wonderful to interact with many good people. As you rightly said, this is my space, and I can say what I like :).


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