Love Sublime


Buying new stationary always cheers up my mood. So when I went out to make some payments(the hubby is still out of town), I bought these too. It’s been ages since I have written something like this. I barely recognize my own handwriting.Β If you can’t read the poem from the pic, I am typing it here too.

It’s been years since I felt this way,
An absolute connection,
My heart desires much more,
There is more to this emotion.

There is a reason why I feel this way,
I simply cannot express,
The love that had died within me,
Has been stirred up to stress.

I desire not to want,
And I want not to desire,
There is a love within me till date,
That just refuses to retire.

Every time a new flower blooms,
Spreading its brilliance,
In colors and in fragrance,
In all its exuberance.

A butterfly flutters in my heart,
To make matters worse,
A smile too sprouts out,
Even during times of remorse.


15 thoughts on “Love Sublime

  1. “Everytime a new flower blooms…..A butterfly flutters in my heart….A smile too sprouts out…”Wonderfully romantic lines penned in a beautiful hand


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