Dreams and what they imply


Dreams are like the most astonishing things that I have come across. Why I said this is, is because its always a gamble what you dream about on a particular night.

Sometimes when you think about someone or something just before sleep, you ultimately end up dreaming about it/him/her that night. At times dreams are means to foretell the future. Sometimes these are just manifestations of one’s wishes.

We can identify the manifestations easily. Because we know what it is that we wish for. It could be anything from a chance meeting with an ex-love or a surprise gift from a present love or the future loves that we want to have cross our path.

When in dire need of directions, dreams sometimes help us by telling us what decision to make. It could be just manifestations of what we have already decided, but nonetheless it lubricates the decision process. Hence giving us the feeling that what we have done is the right thing.

The common dreams are those in which all our insecurities come alive. I remember during times when something was challenging me, I would often dream of going to school wearing only half of my uniform or entering an examination hall during school years when I have studied for the wrong subject! Sometimes that feeling of fear lasts till I wake up with a jerk.

Yesterday I dreamt about something really strange. Jobless as I am, before sleeping at night, I was busy trying out various apps on my phone. Trying to find a perfect solution to my messenger issues. For this I was installing social apps and entering in my email ids and passwords. While I was doing this I was also thinking about the risk of entering my details in such apps. Yeah, I am hyper like that. Finally after trying the third one without any success, I deleted all of the apps. I also decided that I would change my passwords as soon as I wake up this morning.

I had got an email from my bank that I have won a lottery and there were 8 million dollars in my account. My happiness obviously knew no bounds. We all were busy celebrating. Later I got another email that said 7 million dollars have been deducted from my account for some reason. Everyone was blaming me for my password being hacked and the transfer being done. It was a crazy, hurt, disappointed feeling. Even the 1 million that was left behind didn’t cheer me up! The thought of my foolishness and laziness in not changing my passwords at night itself was taking its toll on me. That’s when the alarm rang!


10 thoughts on “Dreams and what they imply

  1. I don't remember all of them, just a few. But the few I do remember, I remember it with so much clarity. πŸ™‚ To answer your question, nope. I haven't changed them. I am not going to let my subconscious mind run my life! he he….


  2. I guess so. I know I need money. But this much? I think I will die of heart attack if I win something like that. I have no idea how that amount came into my mind! I am trying to figure that part out! What if I am going to win something soon! WOW!


  3. I told my daughter that I met Katrina Kaiff. Her response, “It is impossible'I said, “I met her in my dreams.”She said, “You are not so stupid. You cannot even dream like that even in your unconscious sleepy mind”People dream about something going on around. Don't read too much into ti.


  4. Hi Jyothi, I agree with your post. Even I am a believer of dreams and I have dreamt some things in life that were like a premonition. These days even I am unable to remember my dreams, but I know that I can willfully remember my dreams if I want to. Loved ur post.. reminded me of another similar post that I had wwritten..TC and Dream Awayyy, Punam


  5. Had a similar dream recently where I had forgotten my ATM PINs and guess what when I got up in the morning, all the numbers did actually get jumbled up in my mind and had to get them reset 😦


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