Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Its Weekend again!


In an extremely good mood, I went about the breakfast job this morning. It’s weekend and it’s ok to have a reasonably late meal. The kids were seated, breakfast was served. On weekends the daughter loves to have a cup of tea instead of milk.

She: “What magic have you done to this tea, Amma?”

Me: (a little confused) “Nothing, just the usual. Why?”

She: “It’s amazing”

Me: (all smiling and happy) “Thank you dear. I just added a bit of love to it today morning just for you.” (being highly dramatic)

She: (with a sly smile) ” Boy! Your love does fluctuate a lot!”

Me: (back down on earth) “Well yeah true. Shut up and eat your breakfast! ”

Sigh! What a weekend! And it’s only beginning!

By the way, Happy 11-11-11 to all! Hope something great happens in your life today! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Its Weekend again!

  1. Nice way to start the weekend. Sometimes things just turn out right and perfect, like your tea, enjoy the complement, and carry on, maybe lots of similar complements are on their way. Happy weekend!


  2. Good to know 🙂 Have a fab weekend :)btw my day started with someone actually successfully accessed my blog (my google account),deactivated it ,removed my profile pic…luckily Google found it suspicious and disabled my account.Recovered my account after cell phone verification code…will remember 11.11.11 for a long time.


  3. Wow, that was such a scary incident, kavita! And, good for you that your day started on a good note. My day was usual a bit more hectic with work for a friday but just the same :).


  4. Yesterday, I too was told by google that someone from Netherlands accessed my account. I was asked to change the password! I hope things are back to normal now. Its really scary!


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