Loss of Words


Words fail me as I sit to write,
My feelings, my thoughts,
My views on what I call life.

Not many know what its like,
To feel the way I do,
It’s a lot more than just strife.

Confusions are just the beginning,
Dreams are just that, dreams
And life always remains a mystery.

More than the hunger for love,
Or of that for success,
It’s in the present as much as in history.

Not a soul to open up to,
To feel just what I feel,
Loneliness is here to stay.

For the recluse of the timid,
For the saddened soul,
Loss of words is a big price to pay.


14 thoughts on “Loss of Words

  1. wow, amazing poetry!! And somehow.. i kind of identify with the situation. Sometimes, I expect to hear words that are never told, and sometimes I say words that do not take form. Well done..! Superlike. ~Punam


  2. I too can relate to the feeling as last year this time (Thanksgiving) I was feeling so alone as none of my friends included us in their celebrations. Every year we would do it big – both TG and Christmas but last year we had skipped the festivities to honor MIL's passing. However I had expected some warmth of friends but was highly disappointed. I wrote a poem though never published it called “No not one; Not even one!” by which I meant no true friends to actually share in our downs as much as our ups.Sorry you feel that way too! Just wanted to let you know – I am here anytime you want to share. Loved the last para:For the recluse of the timid,For the saddened soul,Loss of words is a big price to pay.Indeed it is!!


  3. Would have loved to read that poem of yours. I guess all the hurt in this world is because of expectations. But imagine a life without any expectations. I am better now. Thank you.


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