Dead Blog?


I have no idea what to blog about. But I can’t leave my blog dead for so long right? So I thought I might as well let you all know that I made some template changes on my blog and also added two more blogs to my list( Top nav menu) . You will also find my Flickr album link on the left.

Just the change of the look of the blog has bought about brightness into my life. So I am thinking a heavy dosed post is on it’s way soon as I have promised someone.

I am still here…… That’s all I have to say now.

One more exam left, one more day of medicines and I am hoping one last day of confusions. That should be tomorrow’s hopes.

Keep me in your prayers.


23 thoughts on “Dead Blog?

  1. I love your template, Jyothi!! I used to play around a lot with my blog's looks too when i used blogspot. WP doesnt alloe much now. 😦 Your blog looks very inviting and lovely.And hey, are you fine? Please do take care. ~Punam


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