New Year Resolutions


Is there a point really in making New Year Resloutions? I have made them all my life, and every time more than half of the things on the list remain neglected. I wish I had compiled them all somewhere. Just to show you guys what a lousy resolution keeper I am!

December is a very important month in my life. The best and worst things always happen during this month. I was born in this month. My wedding got fixed in this month. I came to know I was pregnant for the first time during this month. It’s always been a month of rethinking strategies, planning ahead and making life that much more worth living.

December sees the least number of school days for the kids here. Dec 2 is UAE National Day. We just finished off with a long weekend on that account. Schools will close again on 20th to reopen on Jan 8th. Yes, its winter vacation time here.

My kids have finished off with their exams and are starting off a new term today. They seem totally excited by this fact. The fact that they would not have much to revise during the winter hols. But is that really possible? I am eagerly waiting for their list of Holiday Homework this year. This year, it looks like they will have plenty of time to do proper justice to their homework. We are most probably going to be stuck at home the whole time.

Hubby is still in India, and the day begins these days with the hope of receiving a call from him stating that the visa issues have been sorted and he is coming back home. And the day ends with a disappointment that that call never comes. Instead a whole lot of assurance and condolence calls make their way through my day.

Today is a similar hopeful day. Lets see what it brings for me. ☺

Is there a point in my making resolutions this New Year? I really wonder!

What a person needs to survive in this world is an aim in life. When life just floats about aimlessly, its time to make some changes. It just takes one desire, just one reason for life to continue. I am looking for that one desire or one reason this December.

Have you made resolutions this year? And most importantly have you fulfilled any of last year’s resolutions? Do let me know. ☺


21 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. To start with Happy Birthday. :)))The only resolution I would suggest, try to be happy.I wish you all the best for the issue you are facing right now. I seriously feel bad about it.


  2. Happy Birthday Jyothi! Hard to believe it has been only been a year since I befriended you though @A; seems like we were friends forever!Regarding resolutions I only had one this year – to complete the whole Bible – so glad to say I am very close – exactly the last 5 chapters to go in the book of Nehemiah and that's it!


  3. Thank You NRIGirl. Yes I remember the Birthday post by the two of you. Lovely poem by Punam. It was a great feeling. I am glad I have you all as my friends. :)Very Good. At least someone is a resolution keeper! 🙂


  4. Hehe I make resolutions I can keep like…I will not chew gum this yearI will make sure my chair is back under the table after I finish my meal :-Di will try to lose some weight this year…see what I mean something little difficult & I'm not able to keep it 😦


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