Cleaning helps!


Are you sure? I mean are you really sure?

I am not going to mention here again that I am lazy. Pretty much everyone of you has already realized that by now. And not to forget I keep repeating that often on my blog too. Yeah I am perfectly lazy. A couch potato in fact! No, I am not proud of it! Really, I am not grinning. Its just that I have a happy face at all times. 😀

We had a fish tank around 2 years ago. We steadily lost fish no matter how clean we maintained it or how much we took care of it’s food and medicines. It had bushes, filter, heater and has seen a total of 16 fishes during different times. We had started off with 8. Lost some. Added more and lost them all finally. We got rid of the tank.

My son went ahead and bought a fish bowl and put in 4 small cute fishes in it. This was on 22nd November. Cleaning and feeding were the responsibility of the kids. Today I saw that the water was extremely dirty even though the kids are cleaning it up regularly. I decided to do the cleaning myself. I lost a tiny fish. It jumped out off my net and into the bathroom sink. Cleaning helped! No!

Then I decided to clean white canvas shoes. Haven’t done it this entire term. I spent around 15 mins scrubbing the two pairs. They are drying out in my balcony. They don’t look any different from before cleaning! Cleaning helped! No!

Sigh! I am going back to my couch! What a waste of couch time!


13 thoughts on “Cleaning helps!

  1. Listen! Anytime you clean a fish tank/bowl do not replace the entire water but only about 1/3rd. The reason is there are good bacteria that are needed for the survival of the fish. And those canvas shoes, wait for them to dry! You will see they are sparklight white. Elbow greese can never go wrong…So, now stay out of that couch and find something else to do. You will appreciate yourself more and love the new look and feel of the house!Good luck!


  2. Lol:)….this happens:) many time my MIL tries to help but since she is very old..either something is broken or water spreads or anyway my work gets increased:)


  3. @NRIGirl – Yes, we used to leave 1/3rd of the water too. But it was of no use. Just bad luck maybe. You are right about the shoes, they do look better in daylight now! Now I think I will start building my garden again. 🙂 But sometimes I wonder, whats the point. Things are still unsettled here.


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