Love Exists?


Is there a definition for Love?

1. Someone watching your every move. Following you around in awe and finally proposing. You are forced by the admiration to accept him.

2. Someone with a more direct approach.  Who proposes within days of meeting, and if the feeling is mutual, the relationship moves forward. And it does!

3. Someone likes you and admires you and finally manages to talk to you. You take your time in deciding where to go from there. You choose him.

4. Someone finds you attractive in a party. Approaches you for a dance. You agree and within minutes he sweeps you off your feet with his charm. You are in awe of him, and things moves forward.

5. You meet a prospective groom in an arranged marriage surrounding. You can pick and chose the qualities you want. And you do!

6. Someone notices you and considers you worthy of marriage and approaches your parents for your hand in marriage. You get to agree or disagree. You agree!

7. You meet up with someone, friendship happens which slowly converts into a relationship and then into marriage.

All of the above are arranged marriages in a manner of speaking. Because you get to chose and decide. Most love marriages are decided too. It all depends on the people involved. If they have the guts to move ahead even under pressure from the families, they do. Otherwise it becomes a love tragedy.

I am curious to know which particular category above has the least failure rate. What it is that actually keeps the love alive. I am referring to love here and not marriage.

I wish I could do a census on this and make it aware to everyone I love and care about. What is the right way to choose a life partner? Is there really one? Or is it all by chance and fate.

I wonder! 


17 thoughts on “Love Exists?

  1. 3rd qand 7th are best..I dont know whether there can be a fool proof way to choose a partner..but we can make a good start by looking for some one who has similar values and back ground.


  2. @Renu – Yes , we can. But there are times when the real person remains hidden in a dormant state, in a fake person. How does one identify the truth from the fake? And does it last either way?


  3. @Indumathy – I went ahead and read your post before commenting here. You are a lucky person. Touch Wood and God Bless. If the relationship is based on trust and understanding, I think there is a real chance at it surviving at all odds. Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often here. 🙂


  4. I have had my heart burnt , so would not like to say anything .. to me it is a big word used too much and too often .. and marriage is a lottery these days you win some you lose some and same for love affairs .. the idea of today is to have as many love affairs and then settle for the one you find best … 🙂Bikram's


  5. i chose to marry a person who during our “arranged meeting” did not ask me any of the typical “arranged marriage setting questions” . Later i fell in love with him because I became the be al and end all of his life, i was his life's top most priority.In my opinion what keeps the love alive is when you become each other's priority without being too restricting and when you accommodate each other's interests and wishes and happiness 🙂 🙂


  6. @Purvi – Well said! Thats totally the recipe for a successful marriage. 🙂 Touch Wood and God Bless. But there are many who suffer in marriages for a myriad of reasons. Incompatibility being the most common one of them. Thanks for dropping in and for following me. 🙂


  7. @Shreya – It seems like that. But even these have seen failures. Sometimes the thickest of friendship can dissolve over issues. Marriage is not the next step in a friendship, its a giant leap forward! Just like in any other kind of marriage.


  8. i think i dont beleve in these filmi types of love like someone asking for dance and falling in love… just like james bond 007… for me it would be slow friendship and then things move on from there…if ever 🙂


  9. @Muhammad – Films are inspired from life. People do get swept off their feet by charms. Some fake and some rarely genuine charms. But, yes friendship is the best way to get to know someone. I liked that “if ever”….. thats a good attitude. :DWelcome to my space. 🙂


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