Communication and Men!


What’s it with men and their allergy to communication?  I mean, how difficult is it in this world today to send a mail or a message, if you are tied up with something and you
can’t talk! How difficult is it to take a few seconds off from whatever and give an SMS or Mail informing the delay or even cancellation.

It’s not because I am a housewife and I don’t know the value of meetings and commitments and how at times families and friends get forgotten in the process.  Trust me, I have been there! And I know how difficult it is. But guys, you really need to figure out how to sort that issue out! Communication is the key to any relationship. Be it spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, friend or even a business associate.
You wouldn’t dare be late to a client meeting without informing him/her about
the delay, would you? Then how are the other categories of relationships any
different? Aren’t those equally important?

Every relationship has an outcome. Agreed that a business deal gives you more money. In fact in some cases, these meetings are important to help you keep your job safe. Understood. What makes you think that you can take the other relationships for granted and still revive them when needed? It doesn’t happen that way! The scar of the hurt or the neglected or rejected feeling never goes away. If such incidents happen very rarely, maybe then the relationship might continue. But if this happens on a regular basis, beware. The relationship is under red alert! Maybe for namesake that the attachment exists but the bonding disappears.

Why bring a relationship to that level? Just communicate!

I have heard people saying: How can I inform you about everything? There is no time for that? There is too much work and too much pressure. But at the same time you know that he/she had updated Facebook or twitter recently. How many seconds does it take to send an sms or mail? Probably lesser time than it takes to compose a status message!

Many relationships are under pressure due to these Social Networking Sites! Because people think communicating with the world is more important than communicating to the people to whom they mean the world! Yes, that sense of belonging brings about more happiness than a 50+ comments on a blog post or a status update.  How difficult is that to understand and comprehend?

Women, I have seen are a bit more communicative. Even if they’re under a busy schedule, they always make sure to update the spouse, the children or other family and friends frequently. They also check up on them frequently. Because that’s what a family does. They keep a track of each other’s whereabouts and about the happenings in their life. It’s not about spying on someone or not trusting someone. It’s basically a sense of satisfaction that her loved ones are safe and sound. It’s gives her the boost to do her work with all that more dedication and concentration. She also knows that she will drop anything and run to their rescue (or make sure someone else does if they are far away) in case anything goes wrong.

Isn’t that what our priority should be? Providing for the family and saving up money for the future are not good justifications for neglecting our family. At least that is what I believe in.

Why not just try sending a mail or a message to your loved ones now.  Just for the sake of it. See the difference in their attitude when you next meet them!

Twitter and Facebook can wait, life can’t!


16 thoughts on “Communication and Men!

  1. oh yes, communication is an important ingredient for any relationship to flourish….and the irony is “people just spend their hours n hours on facebook but when it comes to communicate with their loved ones they don't have time to talk face to face….” SAD INDEED.but i personally feel that its not something that is related with a particular gender, as you mentioned above, in fact it depends upon individual's approach how he/she wants to live their relation, irrespective of gender…..A thought provoking post…..!!


  2. Such behavior can wind up my mood so badly…i have ended up going hammer n tongs with my Mr about this on so many days!But you know what…I do that so many times myself…getting busy n giving him no clue…n ours is a long distance rel, if i must add :Pi'm glad he's a patient man :P:D


  3. @Irfan – I guess because I am a woman, I am gender biased on this. Men take much longer to adapt to losing their freedom to do what they please. 😀 Thank you . 🙂


  4. @Indumathy – Oh yes, Mine too. I have gone wild with rage on this issues too. It took him years to grasp this. Now, even when we are away (Like we are for almost three months now) , he makes sure he communicates. He thinks thats easier than dealing with an angry me! 😀


  5. well, i must say what is the use of all these meetings and money and jobs if in the end one is detached from near and dear ones? it should be like everything we do should be for the prosperity of our families and relations and not the other way around…


  6. Absolutely agreed 🙂 Thank god my father and husband communicates well enough but its my teenage brother who lacks in this department 🙂 may be he will come around when he grows up :)A very well written post Jyothi 🙂


  7. Very nice post! I accept that men are bad at this.. but now a days I am seeing this attitude even in women.. sad isnt it! Makes me feel glad that someone shares the same view as me on FB! 🙂


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