In a state of Limbo


Ok. So I have nothing much to write. Sometimes it happens that words fail you. My thought process is clouded now with a whole lot of issues. It’s not that everyone writes posts only when everything is fine in their lives. It’s just that at times, thinking beyond the immediate worries becomes an impossible task.There is no way I can write about news articles or women’s issues or anecdotes from my daily life. All these continue to happen in my life. It’s just that it’s in another realm. At least it feels that way at times.

Have you ever felt that you are living two different lives simultaneously? One that you forcefully live to keep the pretense alive. Another that you mind lives amidst all the glitter and glamour. Is that called being in a state of limbo or something? Because thats exactly what I feel now.

Life continues with or without immediate solutions to problems. It doesn’t make the problem any less serious. In fact it adds in more drama into the scene. Why this dual life? Can’t I just grieve and express what I feel? Is it necessary to put this brave front, when all I need to do now is cry to my hearts content as to my helplessness in this situation.

The waiting game continues. I promise I am positive most of the time. I never give in that easily to anything. But this time, I am not sure if I can be positive for a lot longer. My blog! My place to grieve! My place to fret! Sorry…….thats just me and my blog.

Till I write something positive again….. Enjoy the ice carving video. I was shocked at the amount of effort and time that goes into making something that just sits and melts away at a buffet table! The music was live on NYE 2012. It ultimately after more than an hour turns into a Swan. 🙂


10 thoughts on “In a state of Limbo

  1. @Bhagyashree – People just give false promises. Laws keep changing and we can't speak the language! I guess if its written in our fate, we have to go through it. 😦


  2. Things and life in particular just have a way of falling in place but not before testing us to the core…hang on and try to do the best you can..I hope all your problems go away…


  3. @Purvi – Yes, that's exactly what I tell myself each time. And I keep smiling. So people think that everything comes easily in my life! Hoping for the best too. 🙂


  4. Jyoti, It is not just you but every one has those ups and downs of mood…some times I feel life is nothing but just repeating the same routine. Keep facing all problems with strong mind..relaxed time always follows. :)Thanks for that swan carving video..I am seeing it for the first time.


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