Foreign Body


On Diwali Day last year, I had a small accident. It was a glass tea cup that broke and I managed to get a deep cut in my finger. Little did I know that that cut later developed into a boil shaped fixture on my finger because of a foreign body in it.Yes, a glass piece was stuck just under my skin. Each time I touched it or hit my hand somewhere it would pain like hell! But I thought it must be the soreness of the deep cut.

Yesterday I felt a small white thing protruding from the boil. It felt a bit sharp. I didn’t actually give it much thought until I sat down to watch TV at night with the family.

When I realized its a glass piece, I started to push it out. After 15 mins of pain, the bugger finally came out.

I had to click its picture for memories sake. I had it in my finger for almost 2.5 months!

I am wondering if I should be missing it even! What say?


14 thoughts on “Foreign Body

  1. Jyothi, that is painful and surprising too that it stayed hidden under skin for so many days. Good it came out but still watch the must feel pain free soon.I have been reading and enjoying all your posts..:) Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a wonderful new year.


  2. @Shreya – I am wondering that too. I did have this thought at the back of my head as to why the boil never disappeared. I was planning to get it checked soon. πŸ˜€


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