Thank You, Try Again


Are you one of those people too?

Every cola cap, can pull and bottle/can wrappers always say the same thing to me. “Thank You, Try Again”. And the obedient person I am, I keep trying!

Colas, chocolates, washing powder, cereals, soaps and what not, every item these days offer prizes to be won. I really wonder if anyone wins anything in these.

The only solace I found when I never won anything in these is that maybe I am not that much of a spender on such stuff. Maybe I don’t buy and use enough of those brands to qualify for the Prizes. And I was happy with that explanation.

Recently, maybe two months or more ago, Lipton Yellow Label Teabags also started a strange promotion. You get to see if you have won something or not only when the tea bag is wet. You have to carefully look at
the teabag before discarding it.

I have been doing this ever since the promotion started. And I use at least 6 teabags in a day. In spite of this, I have not been able to win even “A free teabag”!

So much for luck I guess! And GOD. Thank you for making me feel miserably unlucky again.

I can’t think of another excuse to console myself. Can you?


17 thoughts on “Thank You, Try Again

  1. I am highly skeptical of such promotions and hence I do not bother about them, i simply buy what I want to and not what is being promoted… it saves me from feeling bad and unlucky 🙂 🙂


  2. he he he 🙂 dont worry these are minor wins .. i am sure the jackpot is near there very soon 🙂 and you not alone I have never won anything either in these competetions 🙂 most of the time its is only publicity and as Kavita says I never seen anyone win or hear tooo .. Bikram's


  3. Don't worry da. We are all suckers for such gimmicks and never ever win anything. (I once won a discount coupon of Rs.2 in a Tajmahal tea pack when I bought the next pack!)


  4. Jyothi my dear that mean u r all set to win something really BIG.Seriously instead of all these chillara stuff winning a mashreq or duty free is enoff to set us up for life;-DI usually win most of these thing…so far I've got…a ball-point pen from Sadia…;-/a spatula from prestuge….;-D2 burgers from burger king….;-P100dhs vouchers from gulf news….;-DLike I told u….all chillara stuff;-(


  5. @Nancy – Good Wins I tell you! At least chillra stuff! To win the big stuff you need to buy the ticket na ? I am too Kanjoos for that! :)Sigh… I withdrew all my mashreq certificates long back! Actually that reminds me, my hubby did win 1000 aed from Mashreq Certificate a long time ago! 😀


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