A Success Story


With nothing to report from the life of Jyothi, I am going to take up another subject today.

The subject is a lady in her late 30’s. She has a son who is 14 years old. Her husband leaves her alone to fend for her son by herself a few years ago. She is a beautician and hence can survive on her own. She does have relatives here, which was a lot of help for her. She comes into my neighbourhood and buys a well running beauty saloon that I frequent. She is the epitome of simplicity and of courage. She hails from Aluva, Kerala and is a Muslim by religion.

Recently, she got married again to a friend of a distant family member who is a perfect match for her even age wise. He has never been married before. He is a doctor by profession and resides in London, England.

This courageous lady is planning to sell her business and settle with her son and her newfound husband in London.

The problem with the above said story is that, in spite of her having gone through a lot in her life, I haven’t once seen her cry.

Although she is my age, she always calls me “Molle”. It’s an endearment term in Malayalam, generally used for someone who is much younger than you. (It literarily means Daughter).

The fact that her parents didn’t want her to remarry is not a shocking one. She was sending a major part of her earnings to them. Her son’s needs were always looked after well. She made sure that he has everything he needs. And he has grown into a handsome young man. But, it’s now time for her
to move forward in life.

I am wishing her the best that life can offer her. From what I know of her and the cruel life she has had, I am sure she deserves every happiness that comes her way. At times I have thought that she charges me more than she should for the facial or hot oil massage, but I never complained. It’s not because I am extremely rich and I have a lot of money to give away. But I know in my heart of hearts that if I were in her place, I would have broken down and given up long ago. And if in any small way I can be of help to her, I didn’t mind it.

It’s really rare that women like this get appreciated here. In this society being divorced woman is a crime. If you are good looking then that’s even worse for her. If she is into the Beauty Parlour business, then there is no doubting it at all! She is bad! How narrow minded can people get?

I do not vouch for her being good or bad. I am not really sure I know the true definition of either of these. Isn’t it relative in a way? She is as good as a woman in her circumstance can be and as bad as every woman in this world has a capacity to be. It’s all in the mind of the believer. I believe that whatever she has done or is going to do in her life will be good. She possesses a heart that listens, a mind that understands and a brain that can put many an engineer to shame.

Her’s is a success story according to me. Like she said to me today, wherever she goes, as long as she has her profession to fall back on, she will survive!

And survive and succeed she will , of that I am sure.


28 thoughts on “A Success Story

  1. A few things stand out in your nice post.She is not a weakling but mentally strong.There was no self pity or bemoaning one's hard circumstance.She had a skill to fall back and make a honest living.I think this is necessary for every woman in the form of education or special skill.Her decision to marry and move forward despite the lack of encouragement from parents showed she has an independent mind of her own.Best wishes to her.


  2. this is some inspiring story and with women like these, who show the females folks of the world that no matter what happens then can absorb the shocks and move on with life and educated their children in the best possible manner… best wishes to your friend and may she get all the happiness and joys that are long overdue 🙂


  3. Dear Jyothi,That's the story of a wonderful woman. In fact, she is a miracle, a miracle, that many of us forget to identify and appreciate. Your small post has done a great appreciation to her..


  4. An inspiring story of a woman holding her head high and looking after her son; she has a right to happiness too. Sometimes, I feel to hell with society. In such matters, one shouldn't care about what other people think.


  5. Why are women judged i whatever they do especially such women who makes themselves independent and live with pride…and what is worse is that the so called educated generation has also not learnt with times…


  6. A really inspiring story.I don't think one should bother about what think, for in times of your needs they are no where there. My husband's aunt who had a wonderful married life for 44 years and two years after her husband passed away, she found another soul mate and got married to him at the age of 68.If she can do it anybody can do it if that is what is best for them. Her children were not so happy with her decision in the beginning, but some how she stood up t o them and got married again. Her friends, and many of of us who understood her stood by her, and she took the plunge. They have been happily married for the last 3/4 years. She was indeed a trend setter.


  7. Yikes Nancy! Didn't realize it was that long. I was caught in a visa mess. It just isn't getting sorted out as fast as I want it too! 🙂 I have just opened a word document for the tag post. Waiting for the thoughts in my head to settle down into words. 😀


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