Why Me?


This is the question that most people ask themselves and others when they go through a crisis. Many a times I have asked myself the same question.

Why is it that of all the people in the world, it is me who has to face these difficulties? What has God got against me to make me suffer like this? Why is that the rest of the world is going on with their lives and mine seems stagnant? Time is moving ahead but life isn’t? When life becomes a waiting game, the only thing we can do is learn to kill time as fast as we can. I have been doing that for a few months now.

By asking “Why Me”, am I wishing the same fate on someone else?  Why it couldn’t have been someone else? Isn’t that what the question actually means?

Forever I have asked myself that question and I have always answered myself with the same silly logic. That is, at least I am better off than many others. Finding the silver lining is helpful to go through such situations. But what if there isn’t one? What does one do then?

There is this change I have seen in me these past few months. I hear me asking myself “Why not me?”

What is it that makes me not deserve what ever is coming my way? It might me a punishment of some kind or maybe it’s a storm before the calm. Maybe all these years of existing will end with this storm and life will come out of it like a beautiful butterfly. Only time will tell!

Living in a cocoon of emotional turmoil and exceeded expectations is not an enjoyable task. But if there was not a bright future to look forward to too, life would go back to just existing in a worm stage. My life is waiting for a Metamorphosis. The urge to fly off has to be contained for now. I am happy and I am secretly asking myself this question over and again, “Why not me? Don’t I deserve it?”


14 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. You must have read the book The Secrets by Rhonda Bryne. It talks about our thought process that has the capability of making things happen.Everything that happens to us is the result of our own thoughts, which if shaped positively can change everything to our advantage.Pray and visualise the things you want,they will surely come about and you will fly like a butterfly happily.


  2. I was going through somewhat similar situations few days back and it was the same question echoing into my mind….”why me…??”……and then all of a sudden i found someone passing through much more difficult moments of life than me, then i thanked God for everything and started again with little mmore energy and now feeling much better……


  3. All the best with that. Why me is a question which haunts almost all of us other then some lucky ones, sometimes during our life.. its up to us how we get through it .. some like me do stupid things and some work hard to get by it . My dad use to say that when such time comes think of the people who are not so lucky as you, you will always find someone who is below you in life .. there are always people who are worse off then you, so we shud thank god for giving us what we have.Take care and I am sure you deserve it all its jsut god is looking at someone else's problem at the moment the moment he is done with them your turn will come ..now smile and cheer up Bikram's


  4. I am sure he is. Actually HE has taken good care of me so far. If not in abundant happiness, HE has kept me away major problems. I guess everyone deserves their share and this is mine. I am ok with it now. In fact things are clearing up a bit now.


  5. We all go through this phase sometime or other in our lives. And by asking “why me?” doesn't mean we are implying it could have been some one else, we are just puzzled and ask the Universe, why such a thing is happening to us, we just want an answer, that's all. See you yourself are saying that you are feeling better, and soon it would get better and better, and you would finally come out of the situation a much wiser person.


  6. 🙂 We are going thru a similar phase, in fact am so stressed right now that a thought crossed my mind, can I smoke to burst the stress???Cheers!!! Things will be better soon 🙂


  7. difficult situations are given by god to strong people only..its like if you are capable of passing twelfth calls, you wouldnt be given the questions of 5th standard..So take heart and it will pass..


  8. Why me? am I that bad/unlucky?Why not me? am I that bad/unlucky?Its really funny how we all think alike during testing times but we all find our ways to go past them and reach a happy place but then I think these phases are cyclical, hence, will keep coming and going 🙂 :)all that we can do is to be strong and positive 🙂


  9. Thank you Rama. I really am feeling better. Actually writing this down helped a lot too. And you won't believe the miracles that happened the day after I posted it! I guess prayer help. 🙂


  10. Oh Yes Smita, there was a time when I thought about that too. Strange ways people find to relieve stress. I eat like a Pig! Thats my coping technique and its the worst one in the book. 🙂 P.S : Kindly check why I got a weird DM from you on Twitter. After that I was not able to reply to you there.


  11. Oh Renu, thats such a sweet thing to say! But I am not so strong. I just get by on the strength of the good people who stand by me through thick and thin. I am thankfully blessed with a few of those. 🙂 Thank you.


  12. Yes Purvi, thats all we can do. Sometimes waiting is the only thing to do. I guess in my case it has almost paid off now. Things are turning for the better now. 🙂 Thank you.


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