An Earthquake and a Comeback!


At around 10:30 pm yesterday, I got a message from a friend about a possible Earthquake Alert in the UAE area at 1:30 am today.I was just about trying to close my eyes after an extremely long day of work(???). The kids had been tucked in and in fact fast asleep.The hubby is out of station on another business trip.

What do you think should my course of action be under the above circumstances?

  • Wake up the sleeping kids, who have an exam the next day, and keep them alert.
  • Wake up from bed and keep aside a section of things that you would want to carry out of the house with you.
  •  Try to recall where the handbag and passports are kept, just in case.
  • Keep warm clothes ready for the three of us.
  • Do nothing and go back to sleep.

The message from my friend consisted of a warning…. “Stay away from high rise buildings”. How exactly could I do that in Dubai? The buildings are so close to each other here, you would be much safer in the building than in between them!

If any of you can guess what it is that I exactly did, there is a surprise waiting for you. 😀

It can be one or a combination of the above choices. Go ahead take a guess!

I am back in action! I deleted all my 1000+ blog updates from the blogs I follow. That number was keeping me away from blogger. I shall start reading and giving my valuable comments (???) on your posts from this moment forth on any new posts that come up on my Dashboard. Hurry, put up a post soon. Offer valid only till my kids persuade me to take an afternoon nap with them! 😀

12 thoughts on “An Earthquake and a Comeback!

  1. hmm well we were taught to get out of the house and be in a open space.. a Funny thing happened this was a couple of year back, I was sleeping and suddenly there was this big loud churning voice as if a TANK is on the road , unusual, My mother was with me then, I could not figure out what it was .. then glass broke and i thought someone was entering my house of neighbours .. so I grabbed my hockey stick and Ran outside .. Standing in middle of road , suddenly it was pin drop silence no one was around.. then a window opened and I could hear a lady shout. Can you see anyone , I think its a earthquake .. and I looked like a idiot with my hockey stick standing in middle of the ROAD 🙂 WHat you did Hide under a bed or jumped into a closet … oh my 1000+ wow you had a lot of reading to be done .. yes please your valuable comments are important … by the way I did post a new post he he he he … hint hint 🙂 take your time no rush Bikram's


  2. Open spaces are hard to find. Imagine me walking with two kids into the middle of nowhere at that unworldly hour! Creeps me out! I have known two kinds of earthquakes. One which you barely notice, slight tremors and shakes. And the other that can wipe out cities. There's nothing we can do in either case! Nope! I didn't do that! I commented on your post already! 😀


  3. Seriously…..SERIOUSLY……sheeesh I had no clue;-o!!!!If it were me I wd have got a small bag ready, got the neccessary papers and my jewellery in first b4 attacking the rest of the stuff;-PI think u fell asleep trying to think of a solution;-D


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