Diary of a Wimpy Mom!


Ok. I have a professional e commerce website and a personal website in place. A few problems I had with both of them have been sorted out.

Now my only problem, finding content to put into these. The former had some major issues, but getting info to update there has never been a problem. Only problem is the actual data entry. Since I am a “been hit by the net bug” person. I have no issues with that.

The latter is where the problem lies. I am not able to do anything creative these days. I mean I am learning a lot in the former website and the brain gets filled up with too much stuff. A stuffed brain is not such a great place for creativity to take root.

At the same time I can’t ignore this blog either. This space has got me through quite a bit in life. I had written a post about a recent trip to Delhi on my iPhone Blogpress App. I can’t find it now ! In fact the damn App doesn’t show any of my posts! I know there is something wrong with it, I don’t want to spend time to figure that. Anyways, that blog post is lost and I can’t remember a single word I wrote in that. (Sign of old age? Yeah so? I never claimed to be a young thing!)

(Note to self :Never use Blogpress again!) The old style of using “Notes” and mailing it to myself is the best way to blog on the go! Unless of course someone can tell me, what the hell I am doing wrong with Blogpress App!

In less than two hours, two toofan mail will enter this house, with nothing to keep them quiet and tensed! Yeah, the three week long struggle of exams ends today. There is an extremely short break of 4 days before classes/rehersals/what not begins. Short in the sense for the kids. I think I am going to have the longest days of my life ahead. (Things to buy : Migraine tabs and ear plugs.)

The other thing that comes out of this day is that my camera can get back into action. My kids are my replica. They have wafer thin concentration. I was afraid to breathe during these days, because they would get up from their study tables and come to enquire why I am breathing!

In short, even though I don’t teach them anymore, or have anything to do with their studies, life of an exam home mom is never an easy one here!

So while I wait and enjoy this few last seconds of peace, I thought I shouldn’t do anything creative or work related. So I am here on my blog. Here I don’t adorn any role. I am ME. And that is something that is lacking in my life recently.

Hope everything is fine with all of you. Hope you had a fantastic Holi. And hope it brought lot more colors and happiness than the years before.


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