Happens for the Better


Whatever happens always happens for the better. Is it ok to believe this?

In life so many tragedies happen. Some of them are truly unspeakable. Some of them brings tears into our eyes. Some tend to make us feel lucky that we are not a part of it. Some just leaves us numb.

Whatever is the reason or the outcome of such tragedies, someone or the other at some point would have said, “Things always happen for the better”.

If you come to think of it, it’s a lame excuse. But when it comes to tragedies, what else can you look for. There is no logic in why certain things happen to certain people and not the others. It’s a simple case of Randomness.

I keep shifting my focus from one thing to another. Sometimes I do go back to what I was doing before and sometimes, I never look back. But one thing is common to all these changes. They have always taught me something new. Change is good. Being the same person, looking the same way, talking to the same people, eating the same kind of food, being at the same place of work, or staying in one home throughout our lives might be acceptable to many.

I have always loved change. It’s a miracle that I spent 12 years of my life staying in the same house and going to the same school. There was never a change from this basic routine. Friends and relatives were also the same for that period of time. Very few additions and a very few subtractions.

Ever since I entered college, my life has not stayed the same for more than 2 years. I have shifted homes, I have shifted between states and even between countries. As a result of this change, my kids have shifted homes often too.

What stuck me about this whole shifting and moving and changing is that, all of it has made me a better person. I have learnt something from every change.

Recently my daughter asked me, “Mom, can we stay in this house for the rest of our school life at least?”. I looked at her and wondered what her life would have been like the past few years. If she were ever to blog about her past and about her parents, what would the content be like? Would she be glad that there were so many changes in her life and that each change was a learning experience , or would she say that life was never a stable one.

Life takes a full circle I guess. Not long ago I was wondering where life would lead me and I couldn’t wait for a whole lot of changes to happen to me. Here, my daughter is wondering if there will be stability in our lives for the next 5 years.

What I am to tell her? That her parents are ambitious when it comes to exploring life and its options. Or that there is no guarantee to anything in life.

Whatever happens , happens for the better. All I can do is keep believing in this.


16 thoughts on “Happens for the Better

  1. I think it is more to put others at ease in those moments that we use the word , all is fine or whatever happens it happens for good …Although I do feel it does happen for good because we are what we are , because of those circumstances .. Hope you settle down for good at one place 🙂 Bikram's


  2. Looking at life from an aerial view I m sure we will agree with the Scripture: “All things happen for good for those who love Him”. I am a strong believer of this in my life which keeps me strong thru' the downs.Here's wishing you happiness and peace in wherever you are!


  3. For me too there were lots of changes during my early days, for we kept getting transferred to vague places which was exciting for a while and just when we had settled to a routine we would have to move again. it is not fun to be changing so often especially during childhood, one just can't take this beyond a point. Okay you meet new people you see new things, you learn new languages, but it kind of affects you in some way. You want to rest, you want a steady life, that does not mean you want to stagnate in one place. It is like even though you may be in one place, you can still bring about changes in your life without the trauma of moving from place to place/ house to house. Children don't even want to change schools, even though they may be hating that particular school. Maybe since you were brought up in a particular way you don't like the idea of staying in one place, but put yourself in your kids shoes and then think are you making them go through the same boredom you went through in your childhood. I feel there is still a way out if you children like to stay in one place and you like to be on the move, then put them in a good school with hostel and you can move as you please.I have been in Bangalore for the last 25 years, and only changed twice, and now I am here for good. I have made so many changes in my life, my outlook,i have made so many friends, I enjoy all of it and I also cherish my solitude very much. Am I making sense?


    • That’s the Dilemma right? If I wanted a kid free atmosphere to follow my dreams, I wouldn’t have given birth to them. I want to look after them, I want them to learn from my mistakes, take in from our experiences and move ahead in life. At the same time, I can’t let my dream of traveling and exploring die either. I guess she will have to wait and see how these experiences enrich her. She still has a full life ahead to make her own choices.


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