On Vishu Day….


Over the past few days I have been thinking. Not that I don’t think otherwise. I was just thinking more deeply. About life and where it was heading.

For the past three years, I have come to a state where even
the slightest stress takes its toll on my health. And this is the same person
who has never had a problem facing life. I used to smile through a lot of
things in life, never giving an inkling of my real feelings out even to the
closest people in my life. In the otherwise busy and full life, there was a
part of me that always believed that things would improve. There will be good
times ahead.

I guess when that feeling evaporates into thin air, it is confirmed that you are going through a midlife crisis. I want to know for how long does this last? When am I going to accept that certain things are not meant to happen and will not happen and they should be forgotten and not put on a back burner?

On Vishu day , I happened to hear about a sad incident about a couple that got married this Jan. The couple was employed in India(Same Company) at that time and then shifted base to the US, when asked to by the company. The Day before Vishu, the guy committed suicide. I have no updates after that. No one knows the reason behind it. Her parents are here in Dubai and she is stuck in the US with no one to help her. Can you imagine the plight of the girl and both the sets of parents?

I can understand if someone going through a midlife crisis and finding no solutions to financial and personal issues, ending their life. Not justifying it, but just stating the mental instability at that age.

But at the age of 25, when both his and her parents are in good positions to help out in everyway, WHY?

It makes me wonder if there is a hidden side in everyone’s life. If there is, then I think it’s high time we got rid of it. There should be at least one person on this earth who knows everything about you and that person should help you through the toughest of times. Marriages are meant to be that relationship. I guess that was in the past. These days, at the inking of a problem, the couples separate and go independent ways. Not just divorces, but the compromises that most marriages end up being. People are too selfish to think of anyone else other than himself or herself.

Suicide is selfishness too. Ending life can never be a solution to any problem. It just leaves the others around you with a never recovering deep scar. How fair is that to the people you claim to love?


6 thoughts on “On Vishu Day….

  1. I also have seen many young people committing suicide and always wonder why? there is always a solution for everything then why? why leave your family heart broken with a wound which would nevr heel?I think we need to have more interactions and better our interpersonal skills..


  2. Interactions of the right kind at least. Personal one to one helps. And so does the One to many(Post) and the Many to one (comments). I think blogging is a very good way of sharing our concerns. The best part is we can use a pseudonym if we don't want to give out our identity. 🙂


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