Movie : Cobra



Cobra is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by Lal, starring Mammootty and Lal in the lead roles. The film is a comedy-action-thriller.

Cobra is a story of two unlikely brothers. Mammooty as “Raja” and Lal as “Kari”.  Both of them were born in a Kuala Lumpur hospital which goes under attack minutes after they are born. In the hurried escape that follows, the kids get mixed up. These are the scenes that open up the movie.

The rest of their life story is told as when there is a requirement to do so. The basic theme of the story is the bond that these two brothers form over the span of years that they spend together. The other characters revolve around these two central characters. Their love interests enter in later in the form of Padmapriya as “Sherly” and Kaniha as “Annie”.

The main weak point of this movie is lack of a reasonably acceptable villian. This is the main point that creates a “not a great story” feeling. The story could have been given a little importance than just the star powers. Mammootty looks as glamorous as ever and Lal is as entertaining as ever. The two make an incredible pair onscreen.

At some points though, you do feel a bit of the “Thangaashipatnam” Suresh Gopi/ Lal similarities. Which in a way adds in to the comic factor of this movie. But unlike that movie, this one really lacks a solid (albeit crazy) storyline.

Lalu Alex as is as usual his bubbly self and manages to pull off his character reasonably well. Although I do think he could have done a better job.  Everyone else has blend well into the movie and as a whole it’s a complete entertainer.

 I give it 3 stars. It was meant to be an entertainer and it is.

You can watch it with kids below 15 years. 😀


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