BOOK : A Bowlful of Butterflies


By Ritu Lalit :

Writing a book is not an easy task. It takes months of dedication and hard work to come up with a possible storyline, to give life to characters and to present it in such a way that you can’t help but finish the book in one sitting.

This is one such book. It describes the life of a teenager in a place called Majhli. The story revolves around Chandu or Chandni, who is going to appear for her 12th board exams. She along with her two friends, Soma and Amrit form a trio .

With all the innocence and yet a certain maturity the girls’ lives goes through a series of transformations. Chandini’s attraction for her cousin brother Jogi , her subsequent realization of the difference between love and lust , is a bold statement and not something that will come across in a good light even today. But Kudos to the author for bringing it out to the open with such ease that it hardly leaves you uncomfortable for more than a second or so.

Chandu’s elder brothers Vicky and Vinni also pay important roles in this story with one of them attending a reality show and also being discovered as gay. Chandu’s Uncle, Jogi’s father also has a story to tell and helps to bring in a twist in Chandu’s life.

All in all it’s a well-knitted story of a normal family. With small and big secrets, aspirations and hopes.  It’s a perfect masala of events and relationships.

I give it 4 stars. It is definitely worth a read.

10 thoughts on “BOOK : A Bowlful of Butterflies

    • Thank you for pointing it out Rachna. It was not a typing error, I genuinely thought this was the spelling while typing it. I guess I am getting old. 😀

      And its me, Jyothi, who needs to make the change and not Ritu. 🙂


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