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Shifting blogsHello World!

I have done my full and final shift to WordPress. I swear on God that I am not going to shift anymore. This is it. I have found my online soulmate. Errrr…. I was talking about WordPress. It has everything I need now and I couldn’t have been happier. I don’t need the headaches of a self hosted website or face the blogger issues on a regular basis. Especially on the sharing posts issue. Now life should be easier. I hope you will cooperate to make it more fun by visiting and commenting.

I am at present trying to organize the tags and categories that I imported from blogger and reformat my posts. Since there were 105 posts there, this is going to take a while. I had clubbed my “I love to quote” blog into this one too already. So anyone interested can scroll down to the Categories section and look for QUOTES. You will find them all there. I promise that the long list of categories will be shortened soon. I am working on it now. 🙂

Happy Reading till then. 😀

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