Life is a series …



I don’t know if it is my almost shutdown brain speaking or if it’s the truth. But I do think that life is becoming more and more like a series of mistakes.

We at some or the other point in life think that being born to our parents was a mistake. I, for one, was always waiting to find out that I was actually a long lost child who was exchanged during childbirth. And that I would suddenly wake up one day and realize that I am an heiress. The things I wanted to buy with all my inheritance were many!

While in school I discovered that I was not meant to be a part of this cruel world. I was neither a teacher’s pet nor a popular gal. In fact I remember a time when there was a voting for the class monitor and I got just two votes.  And no, I hadn’t voted for myself!

Later when I entered teenage I felt that being born the youngest is a mistake. I have two elder sisters, and both of them were married when I was just in the 9th grade. I made it through teenage in the shadow of REAL world problems of my elder sisters. Just a note, teenage problems are never real. Or so I was taught to believe. It’s sad though, that is when your life decisions are made.  Yeah, being third in line had its share of disadvantages.

Later, in college I got admission into the wrong branch of Engineering. I think the mistakes I made during college were innumerable. I am not talking about “going to prison” kind of mistakes. I am talking about the mistakes the heart makes, sometimes just by listening to the head.

Married life brought along with it a whole lot of issues that were totally new to me. You would think that with two elder sisters as examples, I would have learnt to have and lead a perfect life. But alas, no two lives are the same and neither are the adventures they face.

Coming to the children I raised, I am not sure where to begin. At times I feel I have done a good job with them, and at times I really wonder how they got to be who they are now. Did I really teach them that?  Am I really a good role model for them?

So you see, life is a series of mistakes. What would I have been if I hadn’t made all these mistakes or if these mistakes hadn’t happened to me?  Would I be a totally different individual?

Do experiences really change the person who we are? Or does it only change how we view life and its contents?

Do ponder on this issue, while I continue making mistakes. I think I am getting better at it with each passing year.

29 thoughts on “Life is a series …

  1. very thought provoking post..what can we learn from the mistakes? because we are not going to have that time again, cant be a teenager again, nor can we marry again:(….we can only accept and adjust to our present predicament and make it as beautiful as possible.


    • Very True Renu. I read this somewhere ” You can’t change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future”. 🙂


  2. well…i am wondering who were the 2 people who voted for you then? 😛

    yes there are different sets of problems at different stages in life..but i am glad how well you have handled everything…and there is one thing…you might not have been popular girl in school but sure you are very popular in blogsphere 🙂


  3. Welcome to my world, i am still making mistakes .. I guess people like me never learn..
    Life is funny and as you say it has different set of problems at every stage … to me too college was a wrong choice , I was never interested in sciences but was made to take up bsc and that resulted in a lot of problems and yes in my case “welcome ot the Police station” ones tooo 🙂

    but then now that i look back It was fun too apart from a couple of things I would not mind repeating the same mistakes again .. because those mistakes make us what we are now and I am very fine and happy .. so why not make them again 🙂


  4. It is said that creation was Adam was an epic mistake of God. Then he committed a more profound blunder by creating Eve.

    Then there are people who don’t believe in God but still maintain the Big Bang was a big mistake….

    Turns out, its not a bad idea to commit or be a mistake!


    • ***Oops! Your comment had gone straight into my spam folder, and hence the delay in approving it. ***

      Well said Umashankar. I guess I am very proud of my mistakes then. 🙂 Thank you.


    • That’s just the thing. Every mistake is a new one in a new phase. But I guess what can be learnt is how to cope up and deal with their outcomes in a better way. I am thinking this is what they call “Gaining Experience” in life. 🙂


    • Yes, it’s all about the person judging us. Life never happens according to plans anyway. So in a way isn’t everyone just living a series of mistakes too. 🙂


  5. I’m not sure whether i shd start….post a reply I mean…because my comment will have no end. My whole life revolves around mistakes, error in judgement and delayed reactions and I cant even claim to be wiser than before 😦

    But seriously very nice post Jyothi :-)!!!!


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