I couldn’t sleep…


After watching yesterday’s edition of “Satyameva Jayate” , I was not able to sleep properly. I was checking and cross checking if the doors are locked and everyone is safe.

If just watching the show can have such an affect on me, I can’t even begin to imagine how it must be for the people who have actually gone through it. Like Aamir Khan aptly pointed out, the victim is not at fault here.

But I believe it is the people around us who make us feel that way. For example, I was reading a comment on a post on this same topic and she claimed that it didn’t happen to her because she was aware of such things and it prevented her from getting harmed. But her friend wasn’t so lucky.

The truth is how much ever you educate the parents or the children about such issues; when such incidents happen to them they freeze. Time stops and even though they know what is happening is wrong they can’t stop it from happening.

The only way to escape from such a fate is to be careful at all times and never to trust anyone more than necessary. That makes everyone we meet on a daily basis, a possible suspect. And it may hinder our social circles and partying. But in the end if it helps prevent such cases, then I think it is worth it.

Prevention is always better than cure. What has come out in this show is not something new. Everyone knows these things. Yet everyone thinks it cannot happen to his or her loved ones. But it does, some don’t even realize it. Some just chose to ignore it. And for some others it becomes an eye-opening incident.


15 thoughts on “I couldn’t sleep…

  1. And the worst is the thought it might have happened to your near n dear ones and may be they had even come to you to talk about it but you never believed!!!


    • Yes, that is the worst part. But most of the cases, they are not sure how to explain it. Most parents are aware of this. We read about similar cases in the papers every other day. Even in the show they mentioned a 2 year old. How is a child that age to explain and understand!


  2. You said it , prevention is always better then cure … we cna still have fun partying and all in a safer environement with people we know ..

    Oh yes it happens and happens a lot the sooner we realise it the sooner we will be able to start to fight against it ..


    • What exactly is a safer environment? All the cases mentioned in the show were about people they knew really well. In fact the two year old by the Grandfather. Parental abuse was not even touched upon in the episode. In short the fear that I always had that nowhere is safe, has just been confirmed! And thats what has left me in a disturbed state. Those creeps need to be hanged!


  3. My first time at your blog…..

    Havnt been able to watch any of the episodes since it is sort of blocked out here.. not sure why. But I assume the topic is child abuse. Yes.. the child is never at fault and he/she may never be able to explain what is happening unless such things were explained to them ealier. Sometimes the child may even start enjoying it as explained by Oprah Winfrey from her own experience. There are monsters with no heart and who amy be thinking that it will not hurt the child and that is will be forgotten once they grow up. But the cild is scarred forever and all future relationships will be marred.

    Parents need to be extra vigilant.

    Kudos to Amir for bringing out such topics into the open. If at least one child is spared because of this knowledge then he has succeeded.


    • Yes, I am thinking Aamir has already achieved that. I just read an article in TOI, which states that calls to the Child Helpline had increased after the show. Although it is not something to be happy about, at least there is some progress.


    • The first episode was harder to find online in this part of the world. I was surprised that this link is working. They are airing it on Sunday 9:00 pm UAE time on Star Plus. I think I have the Singapore/Middle East version of the channel.


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