The Lovers Cove Challenge


The challenge here is to construct a poem, written by different bloggers. Each blogger gets to write a line, with a word count of 15 words each. Each blogger has to compose a line based on what the last person on the linky has written. A lovely initiative by Andy.

Andy’s Line(11 words) : A sleeping flower is more beautiful than a heart without love

Kriti’s Line (14 words) : But I bleed enjoying your thorns of love, rest awhile so I may breathe

Punam’s line (14 words) : The loss of your love O Heart! Put me to an eternal sleep

Rosette Princess’ line (14 words) : And bury me somewhere , where my lover won’t even find my grave to weep

Priyanka’s Line (15 words) : And let me dream of a distant peace , that keeps swaying from me to him

Swarnali’s Line (13 words) : Let this pain unbearable that dwells my heart vanish ; if only for sometime

Janaki nagraraj’s Line (Word count 15) Yet, my heart yearns for the time that was wrapped in timeless moments…sweet, memorable.

My Line (word count 15  ) : A secret within, that only time can reveal, the unbearable pain it is to conceal.

Join the challenge and add your line !!!

****Lovers Cove Challenge****

—–Poems are always a work of fiction. That is strange considering the fact that life is poem in itself. Not everyone can understand it at one go. They have to be read again and again and sometimes read between the lines too——

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20 thoughts on “The Lovers Cove Challenge

  1. Hello Jyothi.
    Lovely line…I think everyone is challenging everyone else! (LOL) Thanks for joining the Lovers’ Cove Challenge & grabbing the button again (smile). Stick around & visit a few of the other links. You might discover something new.
    If you like Lovers’ Cove, come join me for the second Blog Hop Saturday! on June 2nd over at my main blog. All you need do is link to EITHER your blog, OR a specific post OR your FB Fan Page (only 1 link per blogger is permitted at this time), visit a few/all of the others in the Linky & just have fun. Hope you can make it! Thanks again.

    Lovers’ Cove


  2. I love your lien Jyothi… the poem is coming out beautifully 🙂 Waiting with bated breath to see the entire piece come out.
    btw you just got your 77th follower. I love your blog 🙂


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